Monday, August 19, 2019

The New Hamster Drama.

1:31 p.m. I'm not sure where to begin first? xD It's been quite a big weekend.

I got the new hamster, for starters. I had 'hoped' Dad would simply drop me off to get her, and I did and he did, BUT he also had the two dogs in the car with him.

For a prey animal that would be undergoing massive stress just from being plucked from its home, put in a strange box, and then a car was a bit much for two dogs to be there on top of it. But I didn't say anything.

But, Dad ALSO wanted to find some lot on the property to let them run in the grass...and leave the hamster in the car to pick up poop after them. After which, my predatory poop-smelling hands would be my new hamster's first encounter with me.

I just quietly begged to go home and get her in her new home in a hurry.

Granted, I'm the one who did all this research that made me worry so much, and he seemed to understand so little about hamsters, (he assumed they couldn't breed until they were two years old, which is actually about their typical lifespan) so it can seem obvious why my worrying looked unnecessary.

Ultimately, he decided to, because the weather wasn't ideal.

So he took us home and I rushed to get my new baby in the cage.

I had a feeling there could be a scuffle. She was definitely female and of a different litter, as the cashier told me.

And there was...a bit of a scuffle...very briefly..between them at first, and then Valentina submitted to her.

Then Anna came in wondering how it was going.

I wasn't alarmed, because I had already researched that this was typical hamster behavior. And would research further later. It would happen more, albeit less frequently, so it was expected.

Anna, however, didn't like it and tapped on the glass to try and get them to break up. That bothered me, though I didn't say anything, because humans aren't actually supposed to interfere with this ritual, and it can, in fact, have negative effects by doing so.

Anyway, after 'all' that, they seemed to be getting along. Even sleeping with each other by the end of the night. Valentina follows her around sometimes and rolls over on her back, and squeaks, attempting to 'play' with the newbie, who is yet unnamed.

I still watch closely for bite marks and bleeding, but they seem to be getting along.

I gave the newbie (I think that should be her name, come to think of it.) :) There. That's solved. I gave Newbie a couple days to explore and adapt..nest...with toilet paper and rolls..before trying to interact. I've started with hand feeding her. Which has gone well.

Meanwhile my relationship with Valentina has gone downhill and she's biting more often, and harder. And refuses to hand feed. And I can't blame her. She's only had a week to adapt before Newbie came in and I already got things off on the wrong foot trying to hold Valentina too soon and change her scenery so on top of a's all a bit much.

But that's not even the end of it.

So it seemed like she was 'just' starting to get perfectly comfortable with her home, her surroundings, and her new mate...just not me.

And I noticed this morning that she's losing more and more fur in the back. I THOUGHT it may have been attributed to extreme stress levels and decided to separate her, in case she needed to get out of here to wind down.

That turned into a disaster. I couldn't pick her up without getting bit, and she was already in a toilet paper roll. And I picked up the roll and used that to move her to her tragically tiny wire cage, deciding she could stay until I could get a bin cage ASAP.

Broke my heart to see her running around it, so panicked and clawing to get out.

I, then, did research (I should've just done this in the first place) and learned that is was NOT stress, but due to excessive itching or even lack of proper diet. (I started adding more protein today by feeding them scrambled eggs.)

So, there was no reason for her to be in that horrible cage.

But..I didn't know how to risk getting her out without her excessively biting me. I didn't even want her in any contact with my hand.

And this is the part I hate..cause I wish I knew of something better to do.

So I put the wire cage inside the tank, with the lid in the top opened, and GENTLY turned it on its side to where she could safely climb out. She got covered in a lot of stuffing, but no injuries, and I let her scramble out.

She ran around the tank a bit and re-adjusted to her familiar surroundings, and until just now has been hiding out in her igloo ever since. Hopefully, she feels better after all this trauma, cause then I will. My main worry is this week has been such an extreme stressor for her, on top of the fur issue (I have no money for vet bills) that she could get 'wet tail' and die of stress.

I'm keeping as close an eye on her as I can. Always checking to make sure she's alive and well as she can be. :)

In the meantime, alternatively, Newbie seems very much at peace and happy with her new home.

She has no problem with her cage mate. She takes food from me and even sniffed me a little today. I try not to give the 'empty-hand' interaction with her, just yet. She shares food, sleeping, and water space (although she's more interested than chewing the rubber on the stopping tube than drinking from it, hence the need for an extra little water bowl.) Very lively and loves her wheel, and has a toilet paper nest set up under it. Just as she likes it. It seems, like Valentina, she has a preference and they have no problem sharing that space. She even shares her chew toy!

Oh, and both of them are active during both day AND night.

What she won't share though, is the wheel, which is well enough since Valentina has little interest in it...unless she wants to, on rare occasion, boot Newbie off of it.

P.S. I'm also watching for pregnancies.

Off the topic of animals, I'm back to keeping a food diary, which is so far very effective against excessive snacking habits. :) And I need to cause...things are getting pudgy. :/

I re-looked into OkCupid, just to curiously see if there were messages, and there were. I'm not all too interested in dating but it was just something to do.

Mom just called to let me know I didn't get the intern job, BUT she's still interested in training me in case something comes up, so that works. I still think when God's meaning for employment to happen, it'll happen. :) We'll see.

I got my job app and job training done for today, so all in all, they day is getting better.

If I could just stop worrying sooooo much about the hamsters, namely Valentina, it'd be perfect. They really are like my little fur babies and I want the best I can provide for them. <3 Research. Research. Research.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Goaley Day

12:55 p.m. I've been at my daily to-do since I woke at 9 a.m. Over Two hours of which were spent getting my job training and apps done, and then I get the weekend off. Praise and thank God!

Tomorrow, hopefully, is also the day I, God willing, bring home the second and final hamster. And hoping she doesn't die from shock in the very brief car ride between the flea market and my house. As, last time, my first hamster was so stunned I thought I 'did' kill her on the way home. Thankfully, not.

She seems adjusted. To her habitat. Not so much to me. And I'm hoping I'll learn my lesson the next time around and give it a few days before introducing myself to the new one. Them being so cute and fluffy, you can imagine how hard such discipline must be!

I'm exhausted! It's pretty hot for an early afternoon.

I took Tigger out for a walk. Kylie was in the backyard. She spotted me walking Tigger and barked. She gets..jealous. She 'really' wanted to go with. I debated whether to take just Tigger and let her have another day. Ultimately, I decided to bring Kylie and she was thrilled, both before and after.

Something interesting did occur though. I gto very anxious when on the way back this red minivan slowed, with two older women, and for some reason one kept calling 'Lydia! Lydia!'

Then I paused, then continued walking. Then paused again.

And one of the older ladies poked her head out and asked me if the German Shepard was male or female. My brain didn't register in that moment that she was referring to Kylie [Female] who is a German Shepherd, and not Tigger [male] who is NOT a German Shepherd.

So I said a male. Pointing at Tigger, who sniffed in a bush very very close to Kylie. 'He's male. She's female.' And from their perspective, I imagine that could sound confusing with my very 'general' pointing.

She kinda frowned and they moved on. I wondered if they planned on circling back. I imagined if they suspected I was lying. (I certainly wasn't, just merely got the dog confused) Dad and Anna had Kylie long before we moved to this area. And even then, they got her from a colleague of Anna's who passed away.

I told Dad and he said a lot of German Shepherds tend to look There's my little anecdote for the day.

While it doesn't mean Kylie is the dog those ladies were seeking out, it does mean theirs must still be missing, and I pray they find her, if possible. In Jesus Name, Amen. :)

2:43 p.m. Google photos gave me issue today when it stopped auto-syncing with a bunch of my backup photos. To save myself from one annoyance (constant pop-ups) I had to endure another..deleting thousands upon thousands of backed up photos with the shift and scroll key...because for some reason Google doesn't have a one-click 'select all' option for Google if somehow some user might actually 'not' need it.

Grr...on top of slow load times, sometimes it not clicking them all and me having to scroll back and having to speed up things by working in two windows. One big mess. Replacing at least my GIFS and Videos for now.

Everything else is backed up on flash drive, where things are a lot less complicated.

11:29 p.m. Over nine hours later. Goals completed. I've snacked too much once again.

Organized some SL folders. Grocery-shopped with Anna.

Ending my night with a Luci marathon, and bonus to my day, Dollar Tree put out their Halloween stuff and I couldn't...resist. My gothic side tingled, especially with the skull cup, which is perfect for milk and cookies in my book.

God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves. All glory, praise, thanks, and all things be to Almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen! God is able to do abundantly all we ask or think.

P.S. Even though Dixie was in a bad mood with me tonight, she was more than willing to share popcorn with me. :) I hope she'll warm up to me one day.

Both looking forward to and nervous about tomorrow's potential adoption of hamster number two. Excited because, well it's obvious, nervous because I don't know how my fluffy Valentina's gonna handle having a tank-mate..even one of the same gender and from the same little. Just hope I don't end up with a pregnant female. Not equipped to handle a little. Eep. I had concerns Valentina herself was pregnant, but it's looking more and more like she's just chubby. :I

Thursday, August 15, 2019

:) Brief Post

2:36 p.m. Productive morning and afternoon. No complaints. Watched 'Lucifer' in between.

  • Multiple chores done. :)
  • I have suspicions my female hamster is preggers, but I'm not sure, cause she certainly is chubby and refuses to be picked up, eating and drinking quite a lot, but she's not nest building.
  • Neo had a send score issue with DD but all taken care of.
  • Dad had me wait to give a package to someone who never arrived by the time he left and came back.
  • No SL yet today.
  • Job training and apps done.
Praise and thank the Lord!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

RE: RE: A-Typical Day

11:03 a.m. Been up four hours. Two of which were spent getting my job training hours in. I started doing them early in the day instead of the evening, as for some reason, time seems to go by faster in the mornings. It's been productive.

Spotted my hamster's pen up a bit. Meditation. Dailies. Made the bed. Walked the dog. Put away clothes.

Planning on making SL pumpkins, like, fancy Halloween pumpkins, to prep for a themed sale. A first for me, I think? At least on this scale. It may have to wait, though. A storm is coming on and I don't want to risk a power outage in the middle of my work, eh?

I still have to clean out my air conditioner filter today and get some other chores done.

Skipping job apps today since I did more than my quota yesterday. Happy bonus.

Still very much looking forward to getting a second hamster this weekend, God willing, and SO very much hoping it goes over well, especially since this one is coming out of the same litter my other one came in...and I've scarcely had Valentina for a week! Feels like longer, oddly enough. She's settling. Still working out the trust issues while giving her her space more than when she first got here. Egads.'

1:39 p.m. Tasks done. Nutty Butty and boiled peanuts just kinda breezing through my day. Clearly not in a Secondlife creation mood at the moment. Weird. lol. Blurb update it is.

1:46 p.m. Blurb updated. :) Unlike before, I was only a couple entries behind...

My USB files also FINALLY got backed up and organized today! It was easier than Ithought and put off for quite a long time, so glad that's out of the way.

2:21 p.m. Decided to reorganize my white board info. Can't share here because it contains extremely personal info, but, I will say i'm happy about it. And curiously, suddenly, wondering if they have magnets at the dollar tree....and stickers...and crafts...I got an idea brewing here...

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

RE: A-Typical day.

1:59 p.m. Tasks done. Even got my job training out of the way early. Woke up close to 9 a.m. A nice, pleasant, and drama-free day. :D

I got extra stuffing laid in my hamster tank and she's already loving it, to the point where for the first time, she's willing to sleep out in the open instead of only under her wheel.

She hates being held though. As an amatuer, I didn't give her her few preliminary days without touching to acclimate to a new environment, so I'll have to do better and try to get her trust on board. Hopefully, I'll learn my lesson when the sibling, God willing, comes into play. Pun intended.

I'd love to let her run around my bed, if I wasn't so nervous about trying to hold her. We'll see...

Dad isn't so sure after all about the girls visiting for the weekend, which is fine. Respectable decision given the constant financial issues around here.

Listening to some newly downloaded music and working my way through the tasks to finish of the day...

Monday, August 12, 2019

A-typical Day

2:56 p.m. Back to it! Sort of. Woke up around 8 a.m. ish and haven't done anything too worth of note. Tasks here and there, oh, and I did a pastel drawing. It took me a moment to realize I actually did do something interesting today. :P The arms came out a bit weird. I dare not post the reference photo because a) copyrights and b) It clearly didn't come out looking like the subject, though it came out looking like a decent piece of art.

I give it a solid B overall..maybe a minus due to the weirdly-shaped arms. lol. Not that I mind the grade.

Yesterday, we got some grocery shopping done.

I backed up my Instagram photos and videos to date (cause in the case Instagram one day finds itself not existing, (And don't think it won't, cause it can, like all fads) I can hopefully keep those backups.

I ended my night watching Gentleman Prefer Blondes and surfing IMdB.

I made compilation videos of Harmony and Aaliyah through the years, one even edited to resemble a silent film, which I absolutely fell in love with. <3 I think I wanna watch it later today...

They're supposed to be coming over next weekend, which is around the same time I want to pick up a  sister for my new hamster, Valentina, who is still acclimating to her new home. I watched Youtube vids on hamster care today and got a bit more educated. The new one is even coming from the same litter. Same gender. I'm even considering letting them name the new one, God willing that happens.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Honorable Mentions.

10:25 p.m.

Some new things of mention:
  • Decided weekends wold now be my time off from the job thing. Works for me. I just hope I'm not slipping into a slope where I'm just not gonna do it all and procrastinate to the last minute.
  • Secondlife creation break.
  • I got a new hamster! I named her Valentina. Such a pretty name, and I'll be honest, it's inspired from the Yummy Mummies show. This was the first of what I hope is a second one to come.

I wound up moving her from the tiny cage to the big glass gallon tank. She loves it.

Oh, and I checked her gender with Anna's help. Definitely a female, which I only learned after naming her such a pretty feminine name.

For a part of the day, she even had her own Instagram page, which was a lot of fun until someone commented on a picture that I needed to ditch her big wire wheel, and the small cage wheel. And ditch my gallon tank because to them, for minimum standards, I needed to go bigger. It's not a small tank, just to clarify. There's no way she'd even be able to get out of that thing, lid or no lid, due to her small size.

I mean, she did have a genuine concern that a paw could get stuck in the wire mesh and she thinks the smaller wheel is too small and could negatively affect her back. She 'really' loves that big wheel and even opts to sleep under it, as opposed to her igloo. And she pretty much has little interest in the second wheel.

The tank is huge compared to her tiny size. She is a darf hamster, after all.

The wire cage I bought today was much much tinier, had less room for amenities, and I was actually proud to find a way to move her into a much larger space.

Little bit of a buzzkill, though the meant well, not gonna lie. I got the best for her that I can actually afford and she's by no means suffering on her first day, in my 'own' opinion. Contrarily, I actually thought I was spoiling her a bit. :P 

I subsequently deleted the account. I wasn't attached, and found it less rude of a move than blocking them. I forgive. I'll move on. People will have their opinions and beliefs. It's just life.

Anyway, point two:

  • I got up to date on my blurb book! :D Up to yesterday, so far, at least. I was behind at least all the way back to June 30th, so that took quite a while. I'll be honest. Still, glad that's done, for now. :P Hopefully I can properly back up without losing my work and requiring me to start all that hard work over again.
  • Too much junk food today. Donuts, chocolate chunk cookies, and milk. White cheddar popcorn. Tea. I worry too much. I think too much. Look over me.
  • Had a 'Lucifer' marathon with Anna until 1 a.m. last night and today during the afternoon.
I have been far too excited over my new pet. I'm in love with the little furry bab and want a good home for her, and to slowly work on her getting used to my scent and touch.

I can't wait to hopefully have a companion for her, a same-sex one, bought from the same place. Of the same litter. Which is a nice way of going about things.

The End.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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