Wednesday, August 14, 2019

RE: RE: A-Typical Day

11:03 a.m. Been up four hours. Two of which were spent getting my job training hours in. I started doing them early in the day instead of the evening, as for some reason, time seems to go by faster in the mornings. It's been productive.

Spotted my hamster's pen up a bit. Meditation. Dailies. Made the bed. Walked the dog. Put away clothes.

Planning on making SL pumpkins, like, fancy Halloween pumpkins, to prep for a themed sale. A first for me, I think? At least on this scale. It may have to wait, though. A storm is coming on and I don't want to risk a power outage in the middle of my work, eh?

I still have to clean out my air conditioner filter today and get some other chores done.

Skipping job apps today since I did more than my quota yesterday. Happy bonus.

Still very much looking forward to getting a second hamster this weekend, God willing, and SO very much hoping it goes over well, especially since this one is coming out of the same litter my other one came in...and I've scarcely had Valentina for a week! Feels like longer, oddly enough. She's settling. Still working out the trust issues while giving her her space more than when she first got here. Egads.'

1:39 p.m. Tasks done. Nutty Butty and boiled peanuts just kinda breezing through my day. Clearly not in a Secondlife creation mood at the moment. Weird. lol. Blurb update it is.

1:46 p.m. Blurb updated. :) Unlike before, I was only a couple entries behind...

My USB files also FINALLY got backed up and organized today! It was easier than Ithought and put off for quite a long time, so glad that's out of the way.

2:21 p.m. Decided to reorganize my white board info. Can't share here because it contains extremely personal info, but, I will say i'm happy about it. And curiously, suddenly, wondering if they have magnets at the dollar tree....and stickers...and crafts...I got an idea brewing here...

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