Wednesday, August 7, 2019


10:39 a.m. So I woke up around 7 a.m. ish, past that a bit, and decided this is happening for a reason. So I didn't go back to sleep until 9 a.m.

I got a Secondlife project finished, had breakfast, did some light grocery shopping, and came home and got chores done. It's been a highly productive few hours, leading to a very 'free up' day for...hopefully..more projects.

So yeah, waking up early and staying awake was a really good idea.

Also, funny thing. I went through my wallet before I left home to make sure I had all my cards here and lo and behold, I couldn't find my Winn Dixie card BUT I DID find an old one I somehow already had [Black and Red, old style] (I think I searched before, I don't know how I never found it.)

Anyway, I got to the register and swiped with that card, and it 'worked', so I didn't think much of it.

And then I go and look at my receipt and notice I didn't earn any points. And I had to think a hard minute before I realized I didn't earn points, even though I got the discount, because it was under an old card.

So I go outside and check my wallet, and there's my new one right there! lol. I'm just finding these things at the wrong times.

I got hot dogs, mac, canned boiled peanuts, avocados, mini mandarins, and orange juice.

And I want to get more shopping done at the Dollar General Market (where it's cheaper, but farther away, a little over a mile), but there was some highly intimidating thunder and lightning going on, which left me too nervous to attempt going there right now. :)

More to this, I'm already starting to feel my old positive self come back. The part of me I missed. Every since I started doing that Reflection/Letter to God thing at night before bed. Sounds like a good reason to keep it up. I got the happy energy going today, and I really missed that. Praise and thank the LORD~! It just takes me back to the good vibes I lived in the month before I moved out. :) My best self.

Now, my diet could be a bit better, let's be honest. But I'm still living in the moment I got right now.

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