Saturday, August 10, 2019

Honorable Mentions.

10:25 p.m.

Some new things of mention:
  • Decided weekends wold now be my time off from the job thing. Works for me. I just hope I'm not slipping into a slope where I'm just not gonna do it all and procrastinate to the last minute.
  • Secondlife creation break.
  • I got a new hamster! I named her Valentina. Such a pretty name, and I'll be honest, it's inspired from the Yummy Mummies show. This was the first of what I hope is a second one to come.

I wound up moving her from the tiny cage to the big glass gallon tank. She loves it.

Oh, and I checked her gender with Anna's help. Definitely a female, which I only learned after naming her such a pretty feminine name.

For a part of the day, she even had her own Instagram page, which was a lot of fun until someone commented on a picture that I needed to ditch her big wire wheel, and the small cage wheel. And ditch my gallon tank because to them, for minimum standards, I needed to go bigger. It's not a small tank, just to clarify. There's no way she'd even be able to get out of that thing, lid or no lid, due to her small size.

I mean, she did have a genuine concern that a paw could get stuck in the wire mesh and she thinks the smaller wheel is too small and could negatively affect her back. She 'really' loves that big wheel and even opts to sleep under it, as opposed to her igloo. And she pretty much has little interest in the second wheel.

The tank is huge compared to her tiny size. She is a darf hamster, after all.

The wire cage I bought today was much much tinier, had less room for amenities, and I was actually proud to find a way to move her into a much larger space.

Little bit of a buzzkill, though the meant well, not gonna lie. I got the best for her that I can actually afford and she's by no means suffering on her first day, in my 'own' opinion. Contrarily, I actually thought I was spoiling her a bit. :P 

I subsequently deleted the account. I wasn't attached, and found it less rude of a move than blocking them. I forgive. I'll move on. People will have their opinions and beliefs. It's just life.

Anyway, point two:

  • I got up to date on my blurb book! :D Up to yesterday, so far, at least. I was behind at least all the way back to June 30th, so that took quite a while. I'll be honest. Still, glad that's done, for now. :P Hopefully I can properly back up without losing my work and requiring me to start all that hard work over again.
  • Too much junk food today. Donuts, chocolate chunk cookies, and milk. White cheddar popcorn. Tea. I worry too much. I think too much. Look over me.
  • Had a 'Lucifer' marathon with Anna until 1 a.m. last night and today during the afternoon.
I have been far too excited over my new pet. I'm in love with the little furry bab and want a good home for her, and to slowly work on her getting used to my scent and touch.

I can't wait to hopefully have a companion for her, a same-sex one, bought from the same place. Of the same litter. Which is a nice way of going about things.

The End.

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