Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Happier Day.

12:24 p.m. Today has so far been a positive mood. Waking up around 9 a.m. has been a regular thing lately, only cause I usually wake up around 7 and go back to bed.

Tasks got done in full yesterday and the Reflection task was a success, where I'm already starting to see results! Back to my positive self, aside from a few moments where my computer decided to be a pain.

Froze. Hard restart. Couldn't open programs. Needed to restart normally.

And yesterday, when I tried to pick up some boxes after packing them in Secondlife, the internet died halfway through. :/ ONLY on my desktop, of course. I thought it got auto returned cause I went back and I couldn't see them. I tried to rezz them in my inventory, and I couldn't find them. There was some more kerfuffle and restarts to get my internet and computer working right before I finally got the task done.

Back is itching from sweat. Eek.

But it got done, praise and thank God. And Caspervend got updated so my customers can easily return inworld objects, as well as to help with transaction tracking.

Now, where was that positive mood, again? lol.

I had a smoothie from those thawed blueberries, oranges, and broccoli. I probably should've skipped the broccoli as the taste took over the sweetness a bit too much.

I made some balloons on SL, and hope to make more today. I've got holiday products I want to get going, either for future gacha prizes or future reselling. *shrug* It'll kinda be a first, at least on the scale I'm working with, lol. I don't usually release a lot of stuff in theme with the present holiday, soo....

Pleh. I need some more goals, bruh.

I got some, on my board. At least, a lot of them, for the short term. Tasks. Some of which have sat around a long while, now.

  • Organize my USB. (That one is kind of hard to motivate for. Needs a lot.)
  • Sort my SL folder. 
  • Finish Gachas 19/25 (It's 25 now. Not 50. Smaller store. Less prim space.)
  • Backup Pinterest.
  • Backup IG.
  • Get Blurb up to date. 
  • Finish up Blurb book and order.
  • Secondlife Holiday project. 
  • 2020 SL Advent Calendar. (Yes, 2020. That much in advance,)
  • Restart my savings.
  • Continue LYD Edit. (That's sat around a long while, too.)
  • Get employed.
  • Get a cage lid and a couple of hamsters.
  • Finish SL skin project.
  • Restart yoga.
  • Go back to eating healthy.
  • Get my positive mood back. 
That's quite a to-do list. :) Some may happen. Some might not. God only knows. I do have a 'moving the goal post' problem like most people. Like, if I reach one goal, I set it even further. Which is a poor habit. Just thought I'd mention that.

My domain also expires in less than 30 days now. And I hope that once it does, I'll be changing this into a private blog. All private. Should be better that way. Safer. :) I'm not trying to impress anyone, anyway, and Adsense hasn't been as eventful as expected, therefore I can live without if I lose it.

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