Friday, August 2, 2019

Brief Artsy Things

4:29 p.m. Home now. Since last night. Spent a lot of my day improving my skin project. It's still not finished after hours of changes, but that's fine with me:

The first one is my initial skin. The middle was where I left off last time. And the third is where I'm at with it now. Experimented with multiple brow styles and I totally redid the lips.

Though, I like the lips on the first one better, there's just no getting those back at this point, lol.

I also changed the shape of the face and added new makeup. Added more detail to the eyes, changed the shading on the face. And overall, it's greatly improved. Still trying to work my way more and more towards and very realistic skin. O.O It's certainly a fun experiment!

Dogs got walked. Dad and Anna left for their trip this weekend. I've decided to move my work requirements to the evening time so I can enjoy more of my day, and just do the work thing while I chill. :)

10:05 p.m. Among other tasks, got further on the skin. Is it too much? I wonder. (See the fourth photo) :D Very happy with it and can't wait to possibly, God willing, see how much further I can take it, design-wise.

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