Thursday, August 8, 2019

Another Early Start.

11:27 a.m. I managed to make it to the Dollar General Market yesterday. That was a fun bike ride, just a bit painful in the thighs later.

I ate too much sugar last night. :/ On the plus side, we had chicken and dumplings, one of my favorite dinners, and it was absolutely delicious! <3

I was awake before 7 a.m. Tasks are still getting done.

I got one Secondlife project finished up this morning and put up for sale, started and completed a new one. And got yet another one in progress. :)

Thinking of taking a break from the job training today. I get ten days I allot myself out of the month for a break from it. This would be my second day. This month. Erm, this week. I hope I don't spend those free days up too quickly, lol. Maybe allot breaks for twice a week, and maybe an extra one now and then. That seems to work out. I'll still be able to meet my requirements that way. ^_^

Erm, not much else to tell. My body is feeling the sugar effects of last night's overload still, me thinks. Emotionally, I'm positive. Physically, I'm just a little bit off. Trying to resist that common practice of eating as an activity and not out of hunger. Very bad habit. My gut is already taking it on as it is! Eeep.

I do worry too much. And think too much.

I had a healthy breakfast. An avocado (that's overly ripe, to be honest) eggs, and a small mandarin. And took my time eating it, too. :D So that's a bonus. I would've 'loved' to have had meat of some sort but there was neither bacon nor sausage. Happy, anyway. :P

Started the Finding Nemo event on DMK. Although, I won't be able to get Nemo himself until tomorrow for different circumstances. Long quests. Busy characters. Got another one that'll take 24 hours to welcome...that sort of thing. Ah, well. It lasts a month. Still not spending money on it. :P Happy about that. I've sunk 200 dollars into the game and can't justify putting it anymore, especially since adulting has come calling.

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