Friday, August 9, 2019


3:56 p.m. I've been up since around 7:30 a.m. I finished up a beast skin I'd been working on since last night, as well as texturing other seperate body parts (which had to be bought extra) for it such as ears and a tail. It's finally ready and up for sale. Clearly took a whole lot of details just to get right.

Secondlife skins can actually be pretty easy sometimes, if it wasn't for one glaring issue. SEAMS. That is, visible lines in the skins where you can see where the separate body and head textures come together.

And by a glaring issue, I mean GLARING. Number one skin-making faux pas. I tried to mask what ones I couldn't fix with heavy shadow and just hope customers don't mind. It blends well enough in this particular case.

I've got most of my tasks done. The skin thing took up most of my day so..there wasn't a whole lot of time made for getting it out of the way early.

I still got hygiene, 2 job applications, 2 hours of online job training, (the latter two at around 5 p.m. preferably), a shower, and pre-bed reflection time. :) Easy peasy.

Been playing DMK as well.

Should have more relevant things to say, like the fact that my Dad went and bought two robot toys today. One of them looks like a giant spider, the other R2D2, and both controlled by their own apps. lol

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