Monday, August 5, 2019


1:48 p.m.Yesterday was a day for rest and chilling out.

  • I redid my Secondlife store, again, late at night.
  • Took a much-needed break from Secondlife skin making. And the online job training. 
  • Accidentally left the switch to the deep freezer off for two days. Egads. A lot of it wasn't too ruined. The meats are fine. The veggies are kinda thawed but need to be eaten, which I ate the broccoli today. That's actually a good thing because before this I was pondering when I would let myself get around to eating them, and now I have to, lol.
  • Watched Yummy Mummys. A new reality show about Australian rich mothers I saw on Netflix. Seems to have a lot less drama than most other shows and their energy is kinda contagious. I like season one better than season two so far, though. lol. Oh, and I decided to follow them on Insta.
  • Dad and Anna came home in the evening. I had dreamed in the morning they walked in, and it was one of those things where it was so realistic I thought it was actually happening until I woke up. 
  • Did a little grocery shopping with Anna last night.

First thing this morning, I finished up my Secondlife store design, and that turned into a bit of a stressor. It took around three hours in total. Including when there was a moment when I'd had it almost 'exactly' the way I wanted, only for the building to 'auto-return' i.e. delete itself. 

And then I had to go and get a fresh one, resize it, and make it fit (I mean, after multiple failed attempts to get the old one back.) Meanwhile, my frequent bladder urges had no chill, so that was also a stressor.

My head was not in a great place yesterday and today, in the kind of way, one sometimes wonders why 'this' particular thing happens to me...and if it does happen to anyone else. If so, there must be very few people actually talk about it. If I came out and said what I mean by this, directly, I feel like there are some who think I'd need to be institutionalized...again. I definitely prefer to tip-toe around the subject.

Anyway, back on the subject of the Secondlife store. There were times where I was really needing to get away from it, but I was too determined to finish. 

And after I did, I got on the regularly planned tasks for the day and have been flying through those.

I want to get in a new habit of self-reflection, like a letters to God thing, in order to deal with compounding and unnecessary stressors. So that's new.

I've got my two job applications, two hours of job training, and hygiene stuff to do before all my day's routine tasks are complete. Simple enough. So that's something. :) Again, I'll say now that the time crunch has been lifted (from two weeks to a full month, the food stamp requirements are a lot less of a problem than they were weeks ago.)

I still want to try out doing the job training thing in the evening hours, but I don't know. I guess we'll seeeee.... :)

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