Monday, August 12, 2019

A-typical Day

2:56 p.m. Back to it! Sort of. Woke up around 8 a.m. ish and haven't done anything too worth of note. Tasks here and there, oh, and I did a pastel drawing. It took me a moment to realize I actually did do something interesting today. :P The arms came out a bit weird. I dare not post the reference photo because a) copyrights and b) It clearly didn't come out looking like the subject, though it came out looking like a decent piece of art.

I give it a solid B overall..maybe a minus due to the weirdly-shaped arms. lol. Not that I mind the grade.

Yesterday, we got some grocery shopping done.

I backed up my Instagram photos and videos to date (cause in the case Instagram one day finds itself not existing, (And don't think it won't, cause it can, like all fads) I can hopefully keep those backups.

I ended my night watching Gentleman Prefer Blondes and surfing IMdB.

I made compilation videos of Harmony and Aaliyah through the years, one even edited to resemble a silent film, which I absolutely fell in love with. <3 I think I wanna watch it later today...

They're supposed to be coming over next weekend, which is around the same time I want to pick up a  sister for my new hamster, Valentina, who is still acclimating to her new home. I watched Youtube vids on hamster care today and got a bit more educated. The new one is even coming from the same litter. Same gender. I'm even considering letting them name the new one, God willing that happens.

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