Thursday, July 18, 2019

Welcome Changes.

9:32 a.m. Noticeable difference in how the day is starting today. Since..I'm finally giving myself a break from the SNAP requirement obligations for a day. As Anna said, I've been doing too much, too hard, and too fast and that's probably part of why I've been breaking down so much.

This morning has been a lot more casual and stress-free, and actually freed up my mind to go over other various small things I'd like to get accomplished. That big white board is a blessing from God. Seriously. lol. Tracking so many things in one place brings a smile to my face! <3

Today, I decided I want to go up to the Dollar Tree and see if I can pick up some necessities, while I can still afford it. I definitely need help in the organization department, especially being as crammed for space as I am.

My closet is a total-mess and needs a do-over. Unfortunately, Anna won't allow me to move the extra stuff, the stuff that's not mine, out yet, so I'll have to work around that. :P

My little bookshelf also needs organizing.

And these are actually the kind of things on a to-do list I actually least as long as stuff doesn't tumble down like an avalanche or cause me physical pain. Eep.

12:48 p.m. Today has been going very pleasant. I got some supplies at the Dollar Tree and make-shifted a door-hanging storage rack from six hole-punched pencils cases and shower curtain rings. (Instead of using a plastic shoe rack, which I couldn't find, to organize these supplies.) Bonus is the space is bigger. And I can add onto it in the future, God willing.

Downside is there is a less amount of items that can hang on the rack than a shoe organizer.

I also found my old hole puncher, which was much stronger than my Dollar Tree one. Still good to keep a backup. Just thanking God it was there.

A picture would describe it easier, but yeah, now it's got my art supplies more organized..namely my colored pencils which are now sorted by color, whereas before you had what looked like a couple hundred of them are mixed together.

I stood and organized those, and it left my feet hurting, lol.

Got all my glue in one place, though I'm low on large hot glue sticks and the Dollar Tree had none of those.

So that'll have to wait. Cause I'm not looking to spend myself broke. I've spent 'enough' in the past couple days alone just on office and organizational supplies.

I got a couple glue sticks, some awesome glue that seals great but takes a long time to dry, and a small and near empty medium bottle of Mod Podge.

In the process of organizing my art supplies, I also realized I had more paint brushes than I realized. Though actually few, they were my favorite ones.
Especially the smaller ones I needed. So it made me happy to know I won't be needing to replace those just yet, after all.

Crayons are organized by color, but there's not enough room to store them on the rack. Hence why they aren't shown. So I'm thinking of putting my little bookshelf on risers and giving it that storage.

AND there was no room on the rack for my hot glue gun, as you can see. :P

In may have to get a couple more cases in the future to add on things, but for now it's my desire to halt the spending spree. Before I wind up, as I said, broke.

I moved my currently broken fan to a shaded place OUTSIDE, where it's no long taking up needed space in my closet.

I lost my labels I bought yesterday. There's a good chance they accidentally got thrown away. I'll be okay though, they were only a dollar.

I also got a MUCH needed new toothbrush. :) Which is convenient cause on the way to throwing my old one out, it landed in the toilet of all places. Yup.

Lastly, I got some hooks (single pack of 3) and had planned to use it to hang my purse on the wall, however, as kinda expected, the weight couldn't keep it up.

Chores have been getting done. Productivity is up and therefore, without the worry of SNAP obligations JUST for today, I can feel a LOT less stress and clear up my head, all while getting things done I've been wanting to see done.

1:12 p.m. Someone knocked on the door with a black and white pit bull, asking if it was ours, and unfortunately it's not. I thought it was my neighbors' dog, a puppy they recently had go missing, but he'd already asked. And now Kylie's having a barking fit over it. -_- Gotta wait for the girl to chill, lol.

EDIT: She's now been talked into relaxing, lol.

4:55 p.m. My card FINALLY came in! Praise and thank the Lord! So I hopped on my bike and went back to the grocery store. I got a bunch of frozen veggies, mac, hot dogs, and other stuff and sooo thankful! <3 25 things for a little over 30 bucks, which made me even happier. Savings.

Clothes folded and put away. It's been a super productive day, and as a result my feet 'still' hurt lol. Kinda worth it, though. I needed a good day, like really bad. xD

5:12 p.m. Dad is home. I had a break. Did some German lessons. Now it's 'finally' time to get on with that blurb journal that's been waiting too long. :P

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