Thursday, July 25, 2019

RE: My Acclimation

3:23 p.m. So'm happy to report things are running smoothly. The job training has been worked well enough into my routine and I got my now 'four' hour session done close to a half hour ago.

Damon aka April's Christian bracelet she mailed me just came in the mail and I made sure to thank her for it.

AND...I set up a new desktop thing, and I love it!! It kinda let's me have a Barbie theme without it looking too childish, by featuring it around one of my favorite couture brands.

The source photo I used to make the background with was acquired from Tumblr quite a few years ago, so I'm sooo glad I still had it! Plus, as I said, it features my favorite color. <3

P.S. One more good thing is it appears Dad has fixed my fan! I'm just in a good mood, which I've needed with these rough past couple of weeks.

Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 in full resolution version.

Update: The fan was VERY 'rattly' so it took some actual trimming of the plastic blades (because it kept hitting the inside shell) and quite a bit of superglue to hold the chassis in place. NOW it least so far...much better with a LOT less rattling. Only took a year of heavy use for it to start falling apart. Literally. I'd like it to last a bit longer.

8:56 p.m. I'm in a good mood tonight. I FINALLY finished my skin gacha, which has had its share of trials and it's now up in my inworld store. Granted, I kinda dreamed of doing a whole store of these things, but I'm cool with this. :P It's the first one I made, in my opinion, that's remotely realistic.

Reminder, think of a gacha as a virtual item 'gumball machine.' You pay something, you get a prize, maybe even a rare one. That's how it works. And some people even make lindens reselling the prizes.

  • I initially made the skin two weeks ago. It took 3-4 hours. Head only. Didn't make a body skin because, frankly, it gets adult-rated in that part....and I'm  not interested in that part.

    Around the same time that I had stopped creating on SL for a little while. So it sat, waiting.
  • I WAS going to make it for an entirely different head, however the lips were a bit too blurry in one corner, so I had initially shrugged and given up, before deciding to go with matching it to a different brand of mesh head days later.
  • That worked out fine in the testing process.
  • I needed to get up the motivation to make the appliers. So, I did. 
  • After the appliers were finally made, I took a break instead of deciding to try and make ads.
  • This was also about the time that the SNAP requirements were draining me too much to deal with SL things.
  • For some reason, when I was ready to make the ads, the appliers were malfunctioning and basically making my mesh head look transparent. I resigned to it being broken and left it alone, deciding maybe not to sell it after all. I 'don't' want to sell a malfunctioned product.
  • Today, I put a call in the group belonging to the person that makes the head, that I designed the skin for, asking for a guinea pig to try out my appliers so I can see if the problem was only on my end.

    To my delight and surprise, the head creator herself offered to test them herself, which she did. And they seemed fine for selling in the end.
  • So! Then I was about to make the ad when I realized I forgot one thing. Ears. I'd forgotten to make an applier (appliers are virtual buttons that texture mesh objects, by the way) I THOUGHT I could simply apply my current head texture and make it work, but it didn't because it was a totally different map.
  • So I spent time, and lindens (Secondlife currency) testing a way to cut/paste my ear from MY texture and make it fit onto the new one. That took more than a few times. I almost gave up on it.

    And then I surprisingly made recoloring it easier (once I did get a fit) by desaturating it, and then laying the desired skin tone over it. In the end, I had ears.
  • Then made those appliers.
  • Then made the gacha AD, which took some time in itself given the amount of items in the gacha. In that time, Anna had come home, and they both had managed to scare me tonight calling for me out of the dead silence, right outside my door. Gets me every time. 
  • THEN I needed to pack the items into boxes, so they can fit in the gacha. And that got done.
  • And so, it was finally done.
And I was ready to be done. No custom shape. No 'neck fix' which is a seperate piece. And as I said, no body appliers. Some people are okay with skin matching on their mesh body's HUDs anyway, lol.

I just had dinner and I'm pretty wiped, lol.

9:22 p.m. Tfw when you realize the eyes actually seem to resemble Josh Dun. Is that just me? lol.

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