Sunday, July 28, 2019


8:51 p.m. Had my fun with the kids last night, even got Sims 3 downloaded on Aaliyah's netbook for her. Which was surprising that it even worked!  We watched a lot of Youtube music and played together.But, anyway...

This morning I got in the last of my job application requirements for the month filled, for SNAP, so that feels great.

I still have eight hours left to complete of the online job training in only three days time. Sounds like a busy weekend, but also very doable.

Then, hopefully, next month it'll be a lot easier and in a whole lot less of a crunch. Because this month I had to get this all done in two weeks. And next month I'll actually have the whole month to spread this out and get it done at a very casual and comfortable pace. At least, that's..the goal.

It's also nice that I'm not the only one who'll be on her computer working this morning, Mom is as well, which should make this feel like less of a drudge, me hopes. :)

1:01 p.m. Four hours done. Four more to finish by Wednesday. :D And now we are of to a charity lunch in Clearwater, of all things. After I get a shower and get ready, of course. lol. P.S. Listened to Twentyonepilots at Firefly for the first time in a long time. The feels.

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