Monday, July 29, 2019

Progessando, Inde

6:03 p.m. It's taking some willpower to decide to write this, because sooo much happened yesterday! by the way, I'm staying until Thursday and am so far pleased with the decision.

I got two hours left of mandatory job training left to do by Wednesday and then I'm set. And then can start it all over again on the 1st. Lol. At least then, I'll have more time.

I think bullet points will make this easier.

First off, we drove to Clearwater for a 'Celebration of Life' event for one of Mom's biker club members, who did charity work for children, named Erica Less Tusa.

  • We got waters on the way.
  • Then after arriving, got raffle tickets. In between the very short time of me going inside with the family and where I handed my menu to the waiter, I lost my ticket. I was at first reluctant to go ask for another, but then decided to. It would later turn out that lost ticket would've won a laptop, which another person got to claim.
I do think God has a plan. lol. Like, there's a reason that ticket seemingly got lost seemingly out of nowhere, only for it to belong to a prize that went to someone else. I choose to look at it that way and definitely be at peace with it.

For the record, my second ticket won nothing. :P
  • We had a really nice dinner. I had a macaroni cheeseburger and loaded fries. Mom had the same. The girls had kids meals. Harmony had a strawberry shake and Aaliyah had a brownie a'lamode.
  • We also played some games, the girls and I. They played the gumball machines and Harmony won a 'Dots' candy themed keychain, which got her excited. Aaliyah said she wanted one, and I told her I doubt it could win it (as it was a spy toy themed machine as it was) BUT lo and behold, she won a fruity tootsie roll keychain!

    AND we tried to play the claw machine, but the machine took one of Harmony's quarters. 
A good Samaritan standing nearby saw and put five dollars in the machine, saying he had little ones of his own. With that, and everyone's help to try and get this very touch little rainbow striped teddy bear, Harmony got her prize. :) Even when it took the whole five dollars to do it.

The raffle was long, crowded, and hot. Occasionally, they gave out free things to the kids like costume jewelry and they gave Harmony a full-sized Doc McStuffins balloon. 

After that, we made a trip to Wal-Mart. With the balloon now having a deflated arm so we can fit in there, better.

Got a lot of fun stuff there. A new bathing suit. A towel shaped like a pug's face. NEW HOT GLUE sticks!! :D I was nearly out, with my last ones being in the gun itself.

Aaliyah bought her own crafts and storage for them. :) As well as a mini backpack purse with flamingos on it for holding her money. :) As well as a donut shaped beach towel for her and a unicorn-themed one for Harmony. Two bucks each.

By the time we got home, we were completely exhausted. We watched some Netflix and went to bed.


  • Two hours done of job training. 
  • Mom training me about her job, should I get hired for the internship.
  • Laundry help. 
  • Playing a surprising amount of Sims 4, junk food eating, a change of clothes, and two sodas.
  • Kids played in the water today.
  • I ultimately decided to stay until Thursday, after Aaliyah begged me to stay longer. 
  • Dad and Anna have been cleaning house and being productive while I was gone. And they said they cleaned out the aquarium, which was a much needed task.
  • Oh, and I accidentally got Aaliyah in a bit of trouble when I found her with slime, that she wasn't supposed to have, I believe the very same I bought weeks ago at the flea market with her, and she had to throw it away.
Long days. Happy days. Lots to say. I needed this.

I've gone too long without having a day filled with social interaction. :P God bless it. It's very nice.

God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves. This being blogged is officially off the to-do list. 

I am not up for adding pictures at the moment, but me thinks about doing it later.

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