Thursday, July 11, 2019

New Things

1:40 p.m. Today kinda got a late start as far as getting tasks done. I stayed up late last night (9-10 p.m. ish 1 a.m.) doing a facial skin, all except the ears, and the whole morning finishing it. I woke up around 9 a.m. and finished it sometime around 1 p.m. Had lunch.

I still have to make a bunch of HUDs, for both skins and makeup, before I stick them in a gacha like planned. But there's much to get done (as far as routine goes) and it'll have to wait another day, me thinks. I'm a little burned out after making the skin and to boot, there was an error where in the corner on the mesh head, there was just a 'little' too much lip. And they don't let me preview before uploading for the mesh head thing so..that has to be handled.

I also want to make a gacha from a previous set of disney-inspired dresses I originally made for the marketplace, only to take them down for fear of getting flagged. :/ Gachas seem to be agreeable though. That also may take quite a bit of work, considering how many dresses there are.

AND I've been working on a gacha for a bathroom set.

So yeah, a lot going on, and I should take it easy before I over-extend myself, me thinks. I just feel like saying 'me thinks' today. Lol.

The girls asked if they could come over again this weekend, and as much as I'd 'love' to have them back, we don't have the extra money for extra food, especially considering the extremely high electric bill we got back yesterday. Eep. :/

4:41 p.m. Well, for once, I'm updating more than one time per day. It's been a cold, boring, quiet kind of day. Working on my bathroom gacha and got the disney-inspired dress gacha up and ready.

I guess I may have worried too much about doing 'so' much Secondlife, that I wasn't going to get my task list done, because it did get done...with a lot of time to spare.

The mail isn't here YET. It tends to arrive 'really' late, so there's no telling if today's the day I get my food stamp card or not.

I seriously need a longer SL break before I really do burn myself out on these gacha projects. 17 down, 33 to go. Eep. And awesome at the same time.

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