Sunday, July 7, 2019

I Want To Keep It Simple

10:29 p.m. Spent July 4th with the girls, Harmony and Aaliyah. We walked the dog early that morning and mostly spent their time here on the computer between Sims and Maple Story. Meanwhile, listening to Youtube over and over. :P Harmony got to swim in the good ole' kiddy pool.

Four days. Had nice family meals together. Stayed up late.  Movie nights. Wrestling and tickling. :P They're so silly. Cookies and mini cupcakes. Fudgesicles and popcorn.  Watched Infinity War Last Night and Ralph Breaks the Internet the other night.

Yesterday we went to the flea market and got them some various toys. Harmony got a fidget spinner, put it down and lost it, so we had to buy another. Aaliyah fell in love with some slime and hair beads, which she subsequently mixed together. I got a super cute Paris-themed tray...for free. :)  I also got that birthday themed McDonalds Barbie I spoke of in a previous post. All sorts of fun.

And my blankets stayed disheveled, but clean. My room stayed liveably clean.

Went to different parks today to look at some rivers and played a car game where we tried to spot a certain color and winner got to pick the next color.

They got phones from my Dad's old phone hoard.

Aaliyah got a laptop, VERYYYY  old, like so old it couldn't recognize Wifi and had 512 MB of RAM BUT I did what I could to make it speedy. Unfortunately, it can't run Sims as we expected for her, so it stays here until we can fix it up a bit.

P.S. They loved my giant teddy bear a lot.

Finished my gacha today..finally. A jello cup sat for days waiting to finally get textured.

No call back yet on the job, so we'll see how things go Tuesday, God willing.

I just wanted to get this all out while I was still thinking of it so hard.

Still no card in the mail, but waiting on it.

Also, watched the new Stranger Things with Anna, but so far we've only made it to episode 5. I have to wait until we can catch up together and avoid spoilers in the meantime.

P.S. Dixie, the chihuahua, can no longer have granola due to a choking mishap recently. :(

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