Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Highedy Highedy Lows

4:30 p.m. This day has been a rollercoaster of feels. So I'm gonna just sum it up in highs and lows.

  • My progress requirements for the SNAP job training program don't appear to be recorded automatically like they should. Which makes me worry they could think I've done nothing and cut off my benefits.
  • I had a total meltdown, which I posted to Facebook, which resulted in an argument between my Dad and Jen, and an 'angry emoji' reaction from Mom. Though that wasn't confirmed why.

    Anna suggested I take a day off tomorrow from this whole SNAP training thing, cause I'm having a meltdown with how much I'm putting myself through too much too fast.
  • Urinary tract was not being my friend this morning. 
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms has reset my progress to the beginning out of nowhere, AGAIN.

    A good reason I'm glad I no longer spend actual money on it anymore. No telling how long it'd take to get back, should I get it back at all. Customer service can be iffy.
  • I got a few things to get my paperwork and important documents in order, from the Dollar Tree, for a dollar EACH:
a. A super cute binder.
b. Dividers
c. Labels
d. Sheet protectors.
e. 3 - hole punch (which I wound up not needing cause of items b and d. Not sure where my original one is. I 'think' I gave it to April, lol.
f. Self-laminating sheets (which I used to HAPPILY laminate the yellow DEMA triangle I got from the twentyonepilots. I'm praising God such a thing exists. Lol. Cause I knew from the start I wanted it laminated and preserved. Afterwards, I used the oven to heat and seal it just little extra.

g. Cute clipboard.
h. A single use super glue which I used to glue inside the binder. Which, as it turns out, had no inside pockets. So I found that super handy. It also got a little stuck to my fingers :( which has since worn off.

Ran me 8 dollars and some change and TOTALLY worth it.
  • Took a visit to the Five14 Church giving site today. ;) <3 
  • Chores wound up getting done. 
  • Dogs walked, and even scrubbed clean despite their resistance.
  • I've asked Anna to take me to Wal-Mart tonight, so I can 'finally' get a full sized-white board, instead of using a bunch of small ones, which keep falling off my wall. And I asked Dad to help me nail it up.
I need to fess up to something. My past entries were quite harsh on them, and I apologize. It can be easy to complain and center on the negative in the high of an emotional state. And I feel like I've been quite melodramatic lately through these continued days of stress...months. 

They are wonderful people, who 'really are' trying their best to help me, even if at times there are things and methods I don't always agree with. They're wonderful people. God loves them. I love them. So I apologize and retract the negativity. Noted. :) After all, none of us are perfect, and we all need forgiveness. Even me. God have mercy on our souls in Jesus name, amen.

Food stamps card still not here today. I'm trying to keep my patience. lol.

10:51 p.m. Over six hours later. The night was mostly uneventful as far as drama goes. Anna kindly took me up to wal-Mart and we got the big white board as well as the chicken dinner.

:) Dinner went okay and afterwards, Dad helped me screw the board to the wall and I set about organizing as many notes as I felt I needed on there, and by now it's looking quite full. I can't share a picture of it on the internet because it contains 'very' personal information but, I'm very thankful to God to have a place where all my thoughts, goals, finances, and stuff are all in one front and center space. I got everything done on my goal list for the day, except for SL or blurb stuff..because I just wasn't down for it.

OH! And it turns out DMK didn't reset my progress as I assumed. I saw, what I kinda call the 'splash screen of doom' which is simply the intro you usually only see when you first download and play the game. But no, it was just DMK refunding some event currency that was owed from a recent glitch. So that's a big relief.

I'm still glad I stopped spending money on it, cause, over 200 dollars is more than I should've spent on any game, in microtransactions lol. No, thanks. Gotta adult now. :P

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