Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Good Chances

1:58 p.m. I got my interview for Winn Dixie done this morning. (The hiring manager called yesterday to set it up, I missed the call, and had to call back.)

Actually, I spent about an hour or so studying my answers to common interview questions beforehand. And though I was a nervous wreck most of the morning, it went well. He was very calm, so was the other manager. They told me I can just be calm, too. And they said I came ready, so that's a good sign.

They also said they have other applicants to look at and only a few positions to fill, so God willing, we'll see. He said he'll contact me by next Tuesday, and if he doesn't,, to call him and see what's up. :) If God wills me to have the job, it can happen. We'll just have to wait and see what unfolds.

Other than that, today's been pretty chill. Worked on my Secondlife gacha. Watched for a person coming by to buy Dad's pet steps. Youtube. etc. Just blowing through the usual tasks, though a bit out of order. <3 lol

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