Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Forgiven Morning

9:20 a.m. Yesterday can be summed up in just texturing one mesh after another, with breaks in between, until I reached a point where I 'needed' to stop. The bad thoughts are back, but I've been recovering. Forgiveness truly is new in the morning and I'm in a positive state.

  • Played through my morning playlist.
  • Made my bed.
  • I got my computer tower moved to where it is hidden and out of the way. It's a wonder it wasn't that way sooner. More space = more comfortable productivity/work.
  • Moved my small bookshelf to other side of the room to enhance my desk space. i.e. the amount of space I have to move my chair.
  • Things in my Michael Kors purse are switched out to the one I got the other day at the flea market.
  • Room is tidied and some things are put in new places. Even my lamp is closer to my desk which feels wonderful.
  • My closet is getting to be as full as it can get. The sooner I'm allowed to have their stuff completely out of it, the better, but given the mountains of boxes they already have in one room and little space left to have it elsewhere, doesn't appear to be happening much anytime soon.
I've got a laundry basket of clothes that have to get folded and put away, ideally today. The dogs are starting to beg to be walked. And the rest of the daily tasks must be tended to. Hopefully, I'll get to be Secondlife creating again today..I know. I do it enough already. G2G. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves.

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