Monday, July 1, 2019

First of July

10:11 a.m. Despite having gone to bed around 1 a.m. in the morning, after deciding to texture this to sell:

I actually slept pretty decent. The dog idea had been in my head for some days now, though I pictured making it with more 'colorful' frosting, I decided this was good enough..and my eyes were tired of the screen anyway.

Speaking of dogs, Kylie was 'begging' hard for a walk from the time I got up this morning. After waiting a number of times for Secondlife to load up successfully, I took her and Tigger. And we just got back..and she is 'all over the place' happy.

Like, rolling on the ground here and there and she even just JUMPED up on my bed! Which she's NEVER done before. It was sweet, cute, and hilarious all in one. I guess she just 'really' needed that walk. I didn't walk them this weekend and let Anna take over. I had a big weekend and gave myself a break.

The weight loss thing is still working out, though I could be eating healthier. :P It's only been a week. I can give it time. I'm chill. The bloating is definitely gone, though, thank God. And maybe there's some minor fat loss. I don't know. I feel better, though. :) Bike's fixed. Dogs need to be walked, which makes me exercise (At least during the week.) So..yeah. :D

Gachas are still rolling on Secondlife. I'm still going through my yet-unused meshes and deciding what theme I want to do next. I've finished 11 out of 30. However..if I do 30..I'm easily seeing myself being tempted to push it to 50 gachas, like I initially planned earlier this year. But..we'll see.... :)

Random note: I pulled my old fur chair cushion out of the closet and put it on my rolling computer chair. I have no idea why I didn't do it sooner, but I love it already. Lol.

My fan is still broke, and according to my journals, this means that it actually lasted a whole year before slowly breaking apart. Hmm.

Bonus note: Stranger Things Season 3 airs on July 4th and I've been catching Anna up on the seasons beforehand. She's getting pretty into it, lol.

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