Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Decent Morning

9:46 a.m. Had a decent morning, and finished up some gachas yesterday. I caught up on that sermon after all in a second video they uploaded. Got some chores done. Dad came home early due to bad weather and Anna and I caught up on one more episode of Stranger Things.

The battle between my internet connection and using Secondlife wages on, especially today. I'm totally convinced they're connected connection can run fine and dandy but it seems as if as soon as I start running Secondlife, my wifi moves to near-dying or dead. -_- Idk.

Which is a shame cause I was really looking forward to starting a new project today, but it may be about a hundred times harder than it needs to be due to this issue. -_-

It used to be one fix I had for this problem was simply change rooms and be closer to the router, however, believe it or not, due to my new living situation...this is not a realistic solution. On account of the fact that they, themselves, had moved in just before I could and still have a lot to unpack..and are STILL out. of. room.

Besides, some part of me feels awkward having my desk right there where they can see what I'm doing instead of the hidden quiet of my room. :P Get asked questions a lot more..while working..ya know? :P


Total mood.

Anyway! Waiting on the job call today. If it doesn't happen today, I can call back tomorrow and see what's up. If it's what God has planned for me, it'll happen. If not, I'm chill. Other doors can open. :)

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