Monday, July 22, 2019

Brain Is Kinda Fried

Lately, some days, my brain just kinda feels like this.
12:36 p.m. Snapping, smoking, popping, and buzzing like a busted robot. lol. I think that's called stress. Mental strain. I had to do a lot of math the other night as part of my job training and that alone made me realize how behind I am on my basic math skills. I actually forgot how to write division after so many years of being reliant on technology to do math for me. :/

Given that, at the top of my head, it's hard for me to exactly recall everything that went on in the past few days.

I've arranged for Mom to let me stay some weekends at her house so I'll have a ride to my mandatory Career Source appointments regarding SNAP. And I can give her the money SNAP pays me for transportation, since she will be my transportation.

Still no job. 22 applications filled out as of today and got 17 more to do by the end of the week. And around 34 hours I need to finish in 7 days of online job training. That's gonna be..gotta be...intense. I mean, we all have busy lives. But I've gotta try. 

It'd take at least 5 hours a day from here until then to get there. Egads.

Did applications on a Saturday and took Sunday off. A much

Two days ago I finally decided to take my Hard Rock Hotel gothic barbie out of the box. After years and years, and a dream I had where I actually did it. It looks nice. I love it. It's been in the box since I was a teenager and in my opinion, the box was past the state where it was worth re-selling. lol.

And yesterday I had the spontaneous decision that I wanted to own a hamster. 

Some pet that belonged to me. Two hamsters. Same gender. 

I spent 27 bucks on hamster supplies and washed out a glass gallon tank. I don't have the animals for them yet, but plan to save up. I'm hoping to give that a couple weeks.

I'm thinking of naming them Lynard and Skynard. I don't care if that's misspelled, lol. Oh, and their maintenance should be relatively inexpensive. :) I'm excited.

P.S. Dixie came along for the ride. For all her fussing and barking she does in my presence, it turned out that when Anna dropped me off at the flea market for me to check out hamster prices, Dixie suddenly got very very worried about the fact that I was no longer in the car. lol. Whimpering and such.

It's a silly theory but perhaps Dixie really does like me  after all, and just doesn't want me to know it. ;)

Anyway, as I said, I have five hours of online job training to do today. On top of the number of chores that also need to get done and over with, already. -_- It's looking to be a looonnggg day. Oi. Vey. 

I'm planning on putting in a movie meanwhile, while I do the job training (which is usually just a lot of reading and quizzes, and lately, math problems.) So! My idea was to put in Rose Red, which is a four hour long film in itself. That should help.

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