Monday, July 8, 2019

Back On It.

9:31 a.m. Wet morning. Yet, the dogs still got a walk in. Kylie is certainly thrilled. I'm already back on routine as normal, to boot, waiting the next couple days for that call to see if I got the job or not. Planning to get back to healthy eating after getting off it, for the most part, in the past four days.

I already summarized the weekend last night so not a lot to tell there. I did my morning playlist, as well, which is still energizing. Praise and thank the Lord. I think doing some meditation during SL work today would be nice and beneficial.

Especially as much as I've been needlessly stressing myself out. Namely, over the fact that my SL and Wifi are not always friends. Or so it appears. My Wifi could be working peachy keen for hours, but once I hit SL, it struggles to hang on. I dunno. There IS a chance correlation will not equal causation so...

but last night it took way longer than I think was needed usually to make a simple gacha ad. -_- My internet either weakened or died, lasting less than a minute it felt like most times, and it was a struggle.

Oh, and I skipped a FIVE14 sermon yesterday. :/ Only to learn that the livestream is now unviewable on copyright grounds. Ah, well. Perhaps next time. Guess who wound up having a dream of trying to find a ride to that church in time as a result? :P

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