Friday, July 12, 2019

Average Start.

10:34 a.m. No bad thoughts last night. Only confusing lucid ones...which can only be described as thinking that kept my brain in an almost frustrated confused state for unknown reasons over indistinct trains of thought. Indistinct to recall, in kind of the same way where one forgets a dream.

Day has gone normal. I felt like I had slept in even though I woke up initially before 8 a.m. ish. Got some Secondlife meshes textured, walked the dogs, and now taking a nice computer break to knock things off the to-do list for today.

9:23 p.m. Few things:

  • Got some money for the flea market tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll bring home some more 90's McDonalds happy meal Barbies, and then some, for my collection. 
Can't 'really' explain entirely why...but this particular one is the 'coup de gras'
of my search for additions to my collection. A personal favorite
and ultra ultra cute!
  • Finished up my bathroom gacha. Got a couple more to go and then some. :) Glad that goal's done.
  • Downloaded some new songs. Sia's gospel rendition of Elastic Heart is my new favorite, and also got some new live vocals of Tyler Joseph.
  • Watching Lucifer with Anna, but not really paying much attention to it. Or trying not to. It's not really gonna be my fave kinda show, for 'obvious' reasons.
  • Had too much chocolate today, and too overactive of a bladder. :/
  • Phone's being cut off. Will only be able to receive calls shortly.
10:23 p.m. Late night youtube marathon of my watch later list in the living room. Alone. I'm strangely ecstatic. :D ^_^ Had a big snack of leftovers. lol. Eep.

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