Monday, July 15, 2019

Dramatic Weekend

12:26 p.m. I had a mostly dramatic weekend, that can probably be summed up like this:

Basically, there was a lot of butting heads.

Dad and Anna learned I had Secondlife money, which at first I was gonna use to replace the breaking laptop I'd given Aaliyah. I decided against it. Then a bit later, I had realized that my appointment (mandatory to keep food stamps) is on a Tuesday, which neither Dad nor Anna could take me to. My phone bill is lapsed, so right now I have no phone to call out to people.

I initially refused to call to change the appointment, wrongfully believing they wouldn't. When I realized I could, I asked Dad if I could borrow his phone on Monday (today) to make the call to change the appointment. He said no, I need to cash in my Secondlife funds and turn my phone on myself, and do it then.

Cashing in Secondlife funds is a process. It takes days. If I cash it in on a weekend, which I did, I could usually expect it around late on Monday. However, I'd need to have the money in my bank AND go through the process of getting my phone turned back on, all before being able to call the call center in their business hours with Monday being the deadline to call them...even in the chance my call could go straight to a voicemail sometimes anyway.

So that was a big argument. After some crying and venting, I sucked it up and cashed out the funds, which was on a late Saturday, by now. Because anyone I vented to was of the agreed consensus that I should pay for it myself, because that's part of being an adult. I can definitely see that.

However, due to the time crunch, I 'really' needed to borrow Dad's phone, to ensure I could make this call to change the appointment and get it over with.

He finally relented and agreed. That 'should' have been the end of it.

Then Anna and I got into it on another matter. There seems to be a misunderstanding that SL makes a decent amount of money. Over a long period, yes. Over short periods, no. Basically she was upset at me for sitting on this money, instead of using it to buy necessities, which up until now she'd been buying for me. I had basically read it in the sense that doing this made me selfish and a financial burden to her because they aren't doing so well right now.

And I made kind of the harsh reply that if I'm being a financial burden, I needed to leave.

Here's the thing. On top of the fact that SL doesn't make me a lot of money in a short time, every time I cash out, there is an average of a three dollar fee. The more often I cash out, the more money I lose, the less money I have in the end that I earned. She..doesn't know this and though I explained it to Dad, I never got around to explaining it to her.

Anyway, after all this arguing, I took a long walk in a cemetary up the road and just let myself cry from all this stress and exhaustion. I didn't want to stay and keep arguing. I prayed, which helped. Came back and sat on the back steps and threw around the crazy idea of just waiting for a day when no one was home, packing a bag, and disappearing, And then I quietly returned. After which I talked to Dad about the fight her and I had.

I expected she'd come home [she'd been out grocery shopping] angry, she didn't come back until a long while after, but she didn't. Everything seemed strangely fine. We did, civilly, talk it out in the kitchen later, during which I apologize for my attitude.

I've been under a crazy amount of stress since the move. The bulk of it being around anything that had to do with food stamps, in hindsight, which, by the way, after over two weeks they still haven't sent my card.

Sunday went okay. Not much to tell there. FIVE14. Took the day off. Anna had another night of going through her life's story, lol.

And by Monday, Dad was took sick to go to work, so he was here, with his phone. Turns out they can't move appointments to Wednesdays or Fridays, which would work for Dad and Anna, so we have to go today, being there around 2:30 p.m.

I don't know how long it's gonna take or what it's gonna consist of. I just know it's mandatory. Thank God we can get this over with, at least for now. I'll have to do another one if I can't find a job. And this is all for food stamps I can't even touch yet, to date.

I never heard back from that Winn Dixie job, so I am still yet unemployed. Thinking of calling back Dollar Tree and see if my application 'finally' came in.

P.S. It seems DJ, Mom, and Maranda really enjoyed their trip and are coming back today. <3

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