Monday, June 24, 2019


12:06 p.m. Friday:
  • I got ready at around 7-8 a.m. only to be told we weren't leaving until 10 a.m. So I started a new gacha project on SL.

    Career Source orientation goes off without a hitch. Took an hour and a half of going over the program requirements, quizzes, and paperwork.
  • Continued working on my gacha.
  • Dad fixed my fan.
  • Still getting spam calls. Maybe a bit fewer, lol. At least my number is now in a do-not-call registry.
  • Flea market. :) Brief one hour trip. I arrived about an hour too early, so there wasn't much more to see than usual.
  • Got large naked pocahontas doll (with really bad hair) and a couple more goodie bags of toys. One bag including a cheap fashion doll with clothes sewn onto her hollow plastic body.
  • Sewed a beach dress on the pocahontas doll, and likewise with the fashion doll. (Not shown)
  • Fixed the fashion doll's hair, which only had plugs on the edges, by sewing the hair into place as a sort of cover-up, and then hair-sprayed to hold.

  • Full-on got pets out of Dixie for the first time, though she nearly bit me a couple times. Eek.
  • Finally got around to doing the wonderful fabric softener treatment on the dolls.
  • Continued my Secondlife gacha.
  • Took the dogs for a hot day at the dog park. They got into a scuffle, but no one got hurt, thankfully. 
  • Rest day. Did my FIVE14 thing. It was Anna's birthday. 
  • Washer is fixed and running by now. Dad and Anna have a few loads to do, and my own follows behind them. My rug finally gets bleached.
  • I was sick. I had cramps and a stomachache. Napped from around 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Decided to re-jump start my healthy eating plans and moved around/updated my white boards to reflect new goals.
  • Re-arranged my room satisfactorily. Hoping for a new white board one day to make a nice addition.
  • Celebrated Anna's birthday with rotisserie chicken and rich chocolate cake.
  • Asked Mom if the girls could come visit next weekend.
  • Backed up my files to my USB FINALLY!!
  • Was up around 6 a.m. ish.
Dreamt of yet another song that doesn't exist. Only managed to remember the chorus.

You're a criminal
You're a criminal
You're a criminal
And it's personal

I couldn't recall the rest of the lyrics, except maybe the line: 

I like it when we knock things over 

The song was sung twice, and still that was all I could recall. It kinda had a layered british bubblegum pop female vocal.

Basically, in the dream, I was an actress in this music video about two best friends. The main part I recall is her and I in a monster truck, circling a trailer, and smashing down these stacked cinder blocks that were stacked vertical to the trailer, like a mini wall.

Andrew Scott, aka Moriarty, was there and watching us behind the scenes. He said to someone 'Watch this.." and was kinda waiting for something bad to happen to the actress while we were standing on the cinder blocks, which were also sunken in some mud.

I also recall at some point in the dream, mid-scene, I was practicing emotion expressions like a weak smile, eyelid twitch, or anger, etc. Was kinda falling short, imo. lol.
  • Finished up my Secondlife gacha, set it up for sale, and preparing to start a new one.
  • Called SNAP. They observed my strike was removed, however, they required I re-apply (probably since my period to fix this lapsed by a single day) -_- So I did that. And now wait to redo my interview tomorrow, and then an update to my application in which..I hope..they FINALLY let me have food stamps after a month of trying.
In case you haven't been following, here's been the rough journey to food stamps so far. It's not even over yet. And it's only been a month. 
  1. I applied.
  2. Dad had the phone, so I missed the interview the next day.
  3. The next day, he had to leave me his phone and I struggled to call them back, meanwhile getting emotional with Dad and Anna because this was putting a lot of pressure on me.

    Finally got a hold of someone, did the interview, and they told me I was approved for the food stamps.
  4. A few days later, I get hit with the denial letter. 
  5. I have to get the phone the next day yet again, to call them back and find out what went wrong. They tell me that I qualify, but I have a strike on my record from not completing my work requirement in the past. I'd have to visit Career Center to clear that up.
  6. Dad wanted me to make an appointment. Career center wouldn't return my calls/messages for a few days. 
  7. By the time I get a hold of them, it turns out they require a walk-in for orientation, not an appointment. So I have to work out with Dad and Anna when's the best available time to take me there.
  8. We find out I can't do orientation, because my case was out of county and they needed to move it to the county associated with that building. They said they would email me when it was ready. They never did.
  9. Dad decided around a week later we'd go down there, and we never did. He said he was sick. We ultimately decided, or I thought we decided, to give up at this point. By now it'd been two weeks of dealing with this place. Oh, and he got me phone of my own. :)
  10. I visited Mom's, to get a break and possibly get over all this. And for the concert.

    A couple days later, Dad called and said Career Center called back and he wanted me to arrange to go to orientation with Jen.
  11. Next day, Jen takes me to orientation, it's on the wrong day. Can't do it.
  12. Dad takes me a couple days later. Finally, I do the orientation on Friday. It's a success. The strike is removed, or at least will be officially once SNAP completes the process to do so, requiring a phone call. This was on this past Friday.
  13. I decided to give myself a much-needed break from all this and take the weekend off before calling SNAP and just to be sure that adequate time passed before they could see the strike removed.
  14. Today, I called. And as I said happened above: "They observed my strike was removed, however, they required I re-apply (probably since my period to fix this lapsed by a single day) -_- So I did that. And now wait to redo my interview tomorrow, and then an update to my application in which..I hope..they FINALLY let me have food stamps..."
It's been 31 days since the rejection letter that started all of this. And I'm exhausted of this process. 


 Tomorrow won't even be the end of it, unfortunately. 

If they should call and I pass the interview, I can't even take their word for it that the interview would be passed as I did last time, because it's the application status update (that I have to wait an unknown amount of days for following) which matters/qualifies...

..and part of me is expecting that despite the strike, and possibly being confirmed as I was told...that it's still going to tell me no. I'll actually be shocked if it doesn't at this point. I genuinely 'need' this, and if I didn't, I would've really given up at this point..cause I wonder where's the point now that it becomes more trouble than it's worth.

..Like, you saw that long process, right? xD It's stressful just to think about it. But, it's in God's hands. Praise and thank the Lord. If it works out, it does. If it doesn't, maybe it's not meant to be.

2:53 p.m. Just applied to Dollar General, who are ACTUALLY hiring. Oi. Pray I get and succeed and enjoy the job in Jesus name, amen! I want this to last. Need it to. Haha.

I called. They said they need cashiers. I applied. Called back and said my application was in the system. They said it'd take a couple days to show up. I left my name and number for when it does. I sounded like a stuttering nervous wreck over the phone, so I hope an interview goes a LOT better. Praise God. lol. This could, God Willing, make this whole food stamps thing go soo much easier, ya know? Everything in God's timing and will. in Jesus name, amen. God is able!

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