Thursday, June 6, 2019

Throw The Loop

2:33 p.m. My schedule has been all over the place today, and I've mostly been playing catch-up. I woke up later than 9:30 a.m. today and Dad was wondering why I hadn't answered his several messages yet about the appointment...which as it turns out was a walk-in thing and I didn't need one. So that's handled. Tomorrow at 9 a.m. or so is the orientation in Tampa. God bless, in Jesus name!

This whole process has been stuck on my mind lately. Get the orientation done. Wait a couple days for them to notify SNAP and get the strike off my name, and then, finally, hopefully, God willing, get on food stamps (in time to not have to re-apply) and GET A JOB! :P That's pretty much been the main goals since I moved in, so I can contribute and rack up savings for Ohio.

That's...quite a to-do list. Hoping God will bless it in Jesus name, amen.

After two whole weeks of saving up 300 gems to afford 'The Sultan' in time, during the DMK event in which he is limited-ly available before going into a loot box, and with one day and one hour to spare in the event, I got him. The pudgy little cutie. Praise and thank the Lord! First time I ever saved up that much free gems, to boot.

There was the option to buy him for ten bucks from the start, but I held off to see if I could earn him for free.

It got to a point where he'd only cost an extra $5 in gems, than $2, and finally I was blessed with enough gems in a short period of time that, God willing, I got him without touching my bank account. The less I spend on that game, the better, to be honest. Especially when I intend on saving for Ohio.

Anyway, late last night I started on yet another Secondlife jacket, inspired by a Pinterest find (I re-downloaded the app hoping they'd finally start posting less offensive things to my feed.)

 Anyway, I spent a long time working on the metal, zipper, and leather accessory parts last night until around midnight..then gave myself the much-needed permission to sleep.

Normally, SL stuff comes towards the end of my day's tasks, but I got to excited. So I spent several hours finishing the jacket (namely the overall leather pattern, shading, and color) and put it up for sale.

Below gives a better view of the detail that went into making the map, to make the sellable object seen above. So many hand painting.... -_- Oi vey. Watermarked because I have no idea if other Secondlife users/creators ever came across this blog, and I don't want the texture re-uploaded. Lol.

This is out of normal routine, so this is where it fell out of whack, on top of the phone call thing I had to make. :P Not an ordinary day today. So while I can, I'm trying to play catch up..including writing this blog.

I neither need to water the plants, nor can I walk the dogs today, due to inclimate weather conditions.

Praise and thank the Lord, God bless and with us all, in Jesus name. That seems to be all I want to share for now. :)

4:19 p.m. Surprisingly enough, I got my tasks done. Tried another novel and while it was nice, once again I couldn't get into it. :P Still a rainy day, too, by the way.

8:25 p.m. Played on Second Life quite a bit and mostly mosied through life today. Had a heart to heart with Dad outside and we explained stuff, like how we are. We're chill. I won't go into details, but all cool. We kinda stressed each other out at times but, we're cool.

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