Thursday, June 13, 2019

THREE Days to the Concert!

12:11 p.m. I was awake kinda early for once, and after breakfast, I spent my WHOLE morning working on that mansion project. pretty stressed. Blurring textures. Leg after lag. Having to texture 'beneath' the physics layer (which allows for the avatar to walk around the house in the first place) My urinary tract was being overactive again.

And after adding a door (yet to be scripted to be open) I'm taking a MUCH MUCH needed break.

The texturing part is almost finished (I have to texture the doors without maps (wouldn't be the first time I tried to work without them. But I'm not planning on getting into that after a decent break.

Siiggghhh. :P This also means my daily task list is off to quite a late start, but it seems to be getting done nonetheless, praise and thank the Lord.

Also, made a little time to chat with a friend from the FIVE14 community. So that's awesome.

God be praised. Seems like the day is gonna be okay. God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves!

P.S. I find myself getting a lot more stressed the past few days. Hope I can do better and change that. My attitude needs quite the adjustment. -_-

1:10 p.m. Alright, we're cool. Tasks done for today (some 'going' like my laundry) Still taking a break for a bit longer, even have a nice snack, before I let myself dive back into the big mansion project. There's so much to do!! :D God bless!

3:47 p.m. I'm. Exhausted. My eyes are tired of looking at the screen. My neck is a little sore. The house project has come a LONG way from where I began this morning.

I managed to texture the door without the maps, BUT when it came down to scripting it, despite many attempts, was a no-go.

So. I have it modeled with one door closed. Another open.

Next steps, God willing, Idk, are to texture a chandelier. Curtains (when I finally figure out which ones I want to use!) And adding a few knick knacks on the shelves I have in the house to accent the place.

I wanted to add columns but they seemed surprisingly out of place for the space.

I don't think I have the energy to furnish the house. At least not today. There's not a huge rush so...we'll see. :) Furniture means texturing. ADDING POSES! And of course, just trying to make the room look pleasant overall in design. It's a tedious thing. :P I've been thinking too much. God help me.

 4:25 p.m. Dad got home early. We tried to call the Career Source people about seeing if my case transferred, but I always either wound up calling the wrong office, department, or winding up at an answering machine. Left a message God willing, someone decides to call back? *sigh*

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