Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Returned Home.

10:02 p.m. Not a whole lot I want to mention about yesterday.

  • Jen moved in the rest of her stuff.
  • She took me to the Career Center. My case was there, but it was the wrong day. So..I must wait until Friday, if Dad's even available then. -_-
To keep track:
1st week: No case available. Needs a transfer. Can't do orientation. 
2nd week: A lot of phone calls and messages asking for the status on my case. They don't get back in touch. Come the day, Dad is too sick to take me. He says we can just move on.
3rd week: They call for me to come. Dad insists I go. Jen isn't available until the next day. I do the next day, and it's the wrong day. There's a possibility Dad can't take off anymore time.

This is the reason that anything to do with Career Source these days, given I'm only given 30 days since my SNAP rejection to get my stuff together, gives me immediate stress. Even to 'think' about it. Asghsghsgh!!

I was tired when I came home. I did a bit of SL. Made product images and put a chandelier up for sale.

Had a nice dinner with the family.

Slept well. Day is just beginning for me. Time to get my stuff back on track, me thinks, which means back to my routine.

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