Thursday, June 27, 2019

One Less Worry In The Watches of the Night.

10:01 a.m. I slept well. Determined to sleep in until around 9 a.m. on account that I get too much done in a short period and that leaves me bored the rest of the day otherwise. Sooner I get a job to fill my time, the better. I plan on calling about my application status sometime in the afternoon. And see if they want an interview, which I'm so nervous for.

Like, I know why I want to be hired. It's coming out and saying it that's hard for some reason, as I tend to stutter and bumble a lot for some reason. And that doesn't look good.

It's only my second job. My first job was in fast food, but it didn't work out. They didn't train me properly for every task that they needed me to fulfill, and I needed new opportunities.

I need experience in retail, which I've never had before. I need more experience working the cash register. I love people. It's a great way to fill my time, because I love being productive. I love completing my tasks in a timely and successful manner. The pace seems something suitable for me. And when I did my research, I've heard that it can be a great company to work for. (comparatively too McDonald's, which has you pacing fast on your feet all throughout the day.)

Those are my genuine feelings. You'd think this would be easy enough to remember, but in the heat of it, it's not. xD I'll have to write this down and study it.

I may have to learn to walk to work, depending on the time they need me to be there, due to the fact that my back bike tire decided to blow out and Dad wants me to save up for a new tube this time, myself.

By the way, it's been decided, and it wasn't a decision I felt pressured into. I'm doing the bin thing, which turns out to be on a Saturday, and not a Friday like I thought. Anna said she'll work with me on arranging that, tonight.

I'm also getting less food stamps money than I thought this month, because it's at the end of the month, and hopefully that rolls over into next month's thing. Now we just wait on the card, although there is a chance it could arrive empty, I'm pretty much prepared for that, and in that case we can be patient.

The co-op thing I'm partaking in this weekend, God willing, should give more than enough fruits and vegetables to last me in that meantime.

I decided to start walking the dogs in the morning, due to the IF, I can easily burn a little fat in the mornings because of the lack of carbs. I'm only on the 5th day and I'm already seeing the change start! :) This feels like it works for me, for sure. Definitely gone down on the bloating.

12:25 p.m. Did my daily tasks so far today, including happily getting my blurb book up to date. Aside from this incomplete entry. IF I can possibly keep what I have saved on SL to order the journal, then perhaps once it's ready, I can order and start anew. :) It's had quite a history since it's start in February 20, 2018. Yup. That's 2018. Last year.

For those who don't know, the blurb book is simply a hard copy of the journal entries I write on this blog here, which I order once the book has reached max capacity (whether by being too big and causing too much lag or by reaching the max page numbers '480.') It typically doesn't make it to 480 on the bookwright program (which I use to make the book) due to lag as the file size grows. But it's getting there. I'm only up to page 323 right now.

12:54 p.m. Backed up the up-to-date blurb book on my USB (which needs organizing at some point) and took some time to skim through the journal so far. What. A. Year...and longer. lol. God is good.

4:09 p.m. Application still not showing up for them. I filled out a few more job applications today and have been going about my usual business. The dogs even went on an extra walk. Now, surprisingly, working on today's SL gacha, which I've been putting off for the past couple days. Eep.

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