Friday, June 28, 2019

New Seemingly Ordinary Day

8:44 p.m. Danke. In Ordnung. I had a nice day yesterday, and think I may be having a decent one today. I got my bin request in for the co-op early.

Last night was a total cheat meal night, (2 pizza slices, 4 wings, and later, a fudgescicle) and I ate later than expected, which extends the time I want to typically end IF for the day. I think I'm about 10-11 hours in, which includes sleep, and that would make today day six.

My skin is clearer and fresher on my face. I'm still less bloated.

Total MOOD, I guess. :P

I'm happily wearing my favorite skirt, which had a 'major' tear, and I mean MAJOR, that I recently had to sew closed.

I was planning on walking the dogs this morning, but they are behind Dad's closed door. Not opening that. Ah well. :) They'll have to do without for now.

Dad scared me half to death early this morning.

I was half-asleep and using the bathroom at 3 a.m. and I come out of the bathroom and he says 'Chelsea!!' standing there in the dark, out of the dead silence. He ignored the fact that he scared me half to death, and asked if I heard anything outside. I said no. And reminded him he scared me and went back to bed. There were no more incidents after that.

Had some weird dream where I went to a thrift store, with the same employees as the one in Fort Meade) and thought I'd come across this McDonalds barbie I'd been wanting to add to my collection RL (the one in the picture.)

BUT by the time I got to the register to pay for it, it had become some different McDonalds Barbie altogether (though I can't say what, specifically) and to boot..

..and for some reason I had this kind of decorative skull/head thing in my hands...with the price tag reading 11 dollars. For some reason I concluded that in order to buy the barbie, I had to buy this item, but I also knew I didn't have enough money to buy it.

So I think I wound up putting it back.

The other part of this dream is pretty muddled, but for some reason I may have been followed here by Jen. And maybe I was wanted by the police.

Also, in the dream, it was purposefully 'back in time' to when she was dating this nice guy named Jerami (I don't know what happened between them RL, but it just didn't work out.) And they, with Harmony and Aaliyah, were living at Mom and Uncle Pat's RL house.

9:02 a.m. *randomly realizes she wants to sync her personal gifs to her google photos*

9:08 a.m. *realizes they were already there AFTER my blue screen of death -_-* Some of them...anyway. :/

9:31 a.m. Got the very old GIF of my now-repaired skirt uploaded. FINALLY! (see above) God bless. He is good, saves, loves. I'm outie.

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