Sunday, June 2, 2019

Lot'sa Shopping Goodies!

3:18 p.m. I'm back home now. It's hard to know where to begin to sum up my awesome weekend.

We did a LOT of running around. 

We went to visit Grandpa at DJ's house, and to my utter amazement (he hosts yard sales every week, mainly with bulk things he buys from the auction) 

To my utter amazement, he had some vintage 90's McDonalds barbies. To go a bit off topic here, I thought of collecting these in the past. I had a couple before the move and they were downsized along with my other things. They're hard to find in real life and they are a bit overpriced, imo, to get on Ebay. Like in real life, you're looking at maybe less than a dollar to even a quarter a piece, whereas it's more like 3-6 or more on the internet.

Image result for 1992 nickelodeon mcdonalds toy blimpI'm sure it looked peculiar to see a 30 year old rummaging a toy bin the way I was, but I was just 'so' happy to snag a few..and Harmony decided to join in and snag a couple toys as well.  

Including a Nickelodeon McDonald's toy in nice condition (as in, it still had intact stickers) which was a spin toy you blew on for a fun car game.

We later went to Petsmart (where I filmed Harmony looking at some adorable kittens, reptiles, fish and other pets. Mom wanted to pick some things up for Bella.

Dollar Tree, where I got a few more white boards (with Mom's help) for writing goals and tasks..tracking things and saving paper as my mind changes. I had some ideas initially, but I don't recall what they were exactly, some of them. And we got other stuff for a kid's birthday party they were attending. 

Then we went to Rue 21 and got two pairs of five dollar shoes. I picked out one, but Mom suggested getting a backup pair. 

I let Harmony try a little perfume on her wrists at the counter, and I guess the person at the register noticed, because she offered this store-brand perform and Mom kindly got it for me. I like the bottle. ^_^ 

We also went to Five-Below and browsed, and that was where I 'finally' found some watercolor pencils. Mom knew from an earlier Facebook post I'd made some weeks back that I missed having some. 

And while there were only a small amount in the package, my artist brain said I could work with that. I just want to wait until I have a smaller brush on hand. O.O

After all that shopping in the extreme Florida heat, we decided to head home and get ready for the party. I opted to stay home and get a good bath in, which I did. And relaxed with Bella a lot. 

And meanwhile, for the next few hours, they went to Wal-Mart, then the party, then briefly came home.

After that, we (Mom, myself, Grandpa, and Harmony) ALL went to the auction. First we went to the Hard Rock Hotel where Mom picked up a free liquor bottle, THEN the auction. Mom won a bit of extra money at the Hard Rock as well. :)

She gave me a little 'fun money' to spend at the auction..which I wound up doing on a box of MORE vintage McDonalds toys for $4.77. :) 

I got a few more McDonalds Barbies out of them, and the rest just means I'm set for other kids to enjoy them sometime in the future. Harmony got a few out of the box, and a couple even for Scarlet. Which made me happy.

I also got a tractor, which was also a toothpick holder (which was subsequently lost by the time I got to Dad's for some reason) and a box of protein cakes for three bucks..which were not quite what I expected. 

I thought they were bars, first of all. Wrong. Thought they'd look like and have the texture of little cakes. Wrong. Thought they'd have sprinkles. Wrong...kinda...they looked nothing like what's expected from the box, hilariously enough. They're 'super' sweet and chewy, by the way.

BUYING things aside, Harmony made the trip interesting. Between her playing with little toys to pass the time to eyeing this guys' teacup chihuahua (He caught her and finally let her pet the doggie) lol. Harmony and Mom enjoyed curly fries. there were a few bathroom breaks and every time I got up to the food truck, she wanted to tag along. <3

Oh, and Mom got me a couple of these super soft blankets and one of those cooling pillows (which I've been looking for for quite a while now.)

We were there until around 9 o'clock.

And after that, I went home. Unloaded stuff. 

Had Mexican pizza with Anna and watched Chrisley Knows Best. 

THEN, around midnight, I finally went to bed.

This morning, I had a nice breakfast with Dad and Anna. Sausage, pancakes, tea, and an orange. Attended FIVE14's service online, and enjoyed a good chat and made a couple new friends. Then, took those video games I got a while back and biked to the flea market.

They sold for eight bucks, which became my 'fun money' for the day.

I went from booth to booth seeking out those McDonald's barbies and found a couple. And then some. I found a blumaroo figurine (I rarely see Neopets merch RL) and found this cute little Barbie bust. (Which I hope to tackle some day with a brush and some fabric softener.)

 I also found this adorable little Pocahontas figure (the kind they sell at Wal-Mart) so I picked that up as well. All in all, spent three bucks.

THE HIGHLIGHT in this was finding this super tiny, very particular object in one seller's bin. A PENCIL TOPPER which I recognized from a picture of my third birthday cake. I once looked for this online, so I knew it when I saw it. I was so amazed, thrilled, praising God. What a rare find!!

I wonder if I'll ever find the other decorations someday. :P I got a picture saved of the candle from the internet, the figurine, and the second topper is kinda too blurry to make out. Well, it all should be too blurry to make out but at the time I was being 'Miss Determined' and this was back in the days where I was looking up vintage toys a lot thanks to a forum on a website called 'Ghost of the Doll.'

EDIT: Well. A brief Ebay search to see how much the 'found' pencil topper was worth turned up this one. The 'other' decoration. That..surprises me, especially since I was stumped as to how it looked due to the blurriness of the photo..but that's definitely it.

Fun Fact..these are the other cake decorations I've yet to find:

The mickey with the phone...
Which means...finally..I know what each of those decorations are on that cake. What an odd pursuit...

...interest. Just trying to hunt down the toys from a blurry photo taken circa 1991.

I also, though I didn't buy it, even came across a toy with an error. A funky box of cheap dolls and one of the paints on the dolls is 'wayyyy' off. lol.

Just for kicks, I do kinda want to share which toys are left on my list to complete my Barbie collection. I'm not looking to collect 'all' the Mcdonald's 90's Barbies I can find. Mainly just these ones I remembered from my childhood, which are precious memories for me. <3

I'm supposed to be helping Dad unload things today, so I plan on doing that. Glad I blogged this though cause it's been a 'lot' to share about this weekend.

And most particularly, this little gem from my 5th birthday party:

Again, given the blurriness of the photo, tracking this down proved to be a challenge as well at the time..especially before I realized it wasn't even a Mcdonald's Happy Meal Barbie! Asdghdfghdgfh! Lol.

I don't necessarily 'have' to have any of these toys. They're cheap and fun to discover again. Especially since they're just gonna sit around and be displayed (unless kids come over and show any interest) It's not like I can buy back the joys I had with them in my's just a bit fun to own them again..until the time comes where they need to go on to someone else. :)

P.S. April is currently on her way to Missouri. So I'm super happy for her!

7:02 p.m. Back from helping out with that. super exhausted. We left around 5:40 something and then Anna and I got a little grocery shopping done. I've sweated through my clothes twice today. Oi.

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