Monday, June 10, 2019

It's Monday!!!

10:53 a.m. I woke up on Saturday, after sleeping in little, to find Harmony here. But only going to be here for a little over an hour. I 'was' planning on going to the flea market, so I begged to take her along. Harmony didn't actually want to go. She wanted to stay and play the princess game, but I dragged her along anyway.

She actually loved it, though it was a lot of walking, and she didn't get a lot of breaks as I was trying to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. BUT, in her words 'I didn't know there were so many toys!!' Which..there were. I didn't come away with any new McDonalds Barbies, but she got a nice bag of toys to take home..her favorite being a dinosaur egg that grows in water.

It wound up raining quite a bit, but thankfully, we showed up exactly on time as Dad pulled in to pick us up.

After we got back, she got in a few minutes of the game. Then Mom showed up...and she was a bit disappointed. BUT I don't think it'll be the last time she graces us with a visit, so she can possibly play the game next time she comes back.

The rest of the day was kind of a lazy day. I worked on that mansion project I've got going in Secondlife.

Dad plans on building me a shelf so I'll have a decent place for my McDonald's barbies.

Sunday was a very relaxed and uneventful day.

I had some dream which has the potential to inspire a novel.

There was a toddler on a beach, floating out to sea while her parents paid no mind, bobbing in a little life jacket.

Suddenly, a motorboat pulls up with this couple. They snatch the child, then book it for an island house on an island the other side of the ocean.

The child is reported missing and a manhunt begins. The couple is so proud of the toddler (Around a year and a half old) and even goes so far as to dye her hair black to match theirs.

The babysitter, showing up at the door with a baby in her arms, (she's about 50 years old, skinny, loosened skin, dark hair and bold lipstick) takes one look at the standing, beaming child wearing only a diaper (while silently appalled at the dyed hair) and declares, "I quit." And turns around and walks away.

I forget what happens after that, but I woke up feeling inspired by it.

I filled out quite a few job applications (Mainly for the Winn Dixie up the road) and failed Wal-Mart's assessment. Makes me wish they'd put the assessment (which has a chance to fail) BEFORE the application so that you didn't do an application just for no one to see it.

 Towards the end, I worked on the mansion just a 'little' more before bed.

Made it to Kingdom Hearts III after all those sequels. Such improved graphics quality! lol.

Woke up a bit late. Again. Around 10 a.m. and got down to my routine, which has been running smoothly. Had some bacon and eggs. I need to get my room vacuumed and laundry done today.

Dreamt I walked through a four story house, with excitement, unbeknownst to the owner who just asked me out. (White guy, looked close to 40, blue collar shirt..I think, kinda balding) He asked for my number. I said I didn't have one and gave him my username to find me online instead.

Anyway, after I got done touring, I left and tried to follow Google Maps home, only to find myself anxious. Then I comforted myself, feeling myself in bed, and reminding myself that it was okay because I was already home.

I haven't heard back from Career center, which means, sigh, I may have to call them myself sometime this week and ask if they received my case yet, so I can attend orientation.

I briefly glanced at one of my journals a bit ago, My Life: Part Dix, and there was a passage in about how I didn't think people knew it, but I wanted a job, and longed for my chance to move away to find one. I had no idea at the time what would happen when that came true, lol. And funny how it still kinda applies to my modern day, me with this job hunt and me trying to get a move on to Ohio.

Concert is THIS SUNDAY!!!! At LONG last. Finally. Finally. Finally.

This whole job thing is exciting, prospective, and has me a little worried at the same time. Because, what if blessing strikes and I DO finally get hired for a job..all before Sunday. That's great. That's fantastic, even. But.. I've been waiting on this concert for MONTHS. And there's no way I could've predicted my current living situation at the time we bought the tickets. Most of that kinda hit like a freight train when it happened in the months following.

And Mom already footed the non-refundable 150 bucks for it. And...while Anna says I can simply tell them I have an appointment that day..I'm not sure how that looks for me to be a new hire and telling my boss almost immediately, 'By the way, I'll need this day off.' So that has me a little worried.

I mean, once this Sunday passes, hey. It's great. I'm totally open. No worries. All the way. If I can JUST get this job thing to somehow hold off until then or work with that, God willing, that'd be nice. So yeah..that's a thing.

I know I need to trust God. Trust God. Trust God. He's got this. What He wants to happen will happen. It's just been an overall stressful time since the move.

Moving in. Not having everyone's else stuff out of my new space. Food stamps runarounds. Trying to maintain a routine again. Looking for a job. Not having a phone. And now the pressure is coming to learn to drive. And I just kinda want things to slow down a bit. I mean, I normally am all rushy-rush with life, but this is a case where I need things to slow to a steady pace a bit. xD

P.S. I really haven't felt like being social, lately. Egads.

EDIT: Most interesting part of this day is I biked to the store (after pulling my bike from the laundry room outside and carrying it/pushing it over a doggie gate to Dad's shop, and then having to go around and unlock the door to the shop from the outside, come back, and get my bike out.) It's a process. I discussed it with Dad last night and we're still working on it.

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