Wednesday, June 12, 2019

FOUR Days to the Concert!

11:47 a.m.  ONLY FOUR days until the concert! I'm SUPER hyped.

Woke up at a decent hour, like 9:30i a.m. ish. Not too much happened last night. Anna got help with pork chops and we chatted about this and that.

Today's routine was just a little mixed up. Dad asked me to get the moving boxes off the porch, due to fear the outside elements and rain would ruin them, and there were quite a few. And a few were heavy.

ONE was so heavy the box fell apart. FULL of clothes that scattered everywhere. I managed to get a couple in the last two garbage bags be have, but that was only about half. :( The rest are on a chair until she gets home. It was super frustrating, but I got past it.

I managed to figure out how to screencast my iTunes via chromecast, which doesn't work normally and required a bit of an unorthodox method.

1. Setting up Google remote desktop to screen my desktop to my Chromebook.
2. Made sure my Desktop was displaying iTunes.
3. Turned Chromecast on the TV.
4. Screenshared the Chromebook/Remote Desktop via Chromecast to the TV.
5. BOOM! iTunes was indirectly being displayed on the TV via Chromecast and I could play my music. Only downside is sometimes the audio got choppy, but it worked for the most part.

I also tried connecting my iPod via USB to the tv but though it showed up, it wouldn't play for some reason.

After all that, including a bacon and egg breakfast with some small lemon cookies and milk, I tried to get the tasks on my daily to-do list done. I've been doing so, so far, just a bit out of order. So, at this point, I'd say things got back on track.

Watching Kingdom Hearts III on the tv. I've been working on seeing these cutscenes from start to finish (without the spinoff titles) for less than a month now. :)

12:00 p.m. Random note: DMK FINALLY coughed up the 'Steamboat Willy' Attraction today, from a free platinum loot chest, only 211 days after it's release! :P Asdfgdhfgdh!

1:09 p.m. The dogs just had a walk and the dishes a'wash. The last 'main' thing on my to-do list, aside from a shower, meals, and sleep, is to continue working on my second life mansion project I still have going. :) I may need to make a more challenging list in the future, as I'm to the point where this stuff is getting nearly finished in the early afternoon hours and not leaving enough to challenge me with the rest of the day.

1:50 p.m. Well, it would appear to be a good thing those boxes got moved off the porch, since the rain could've gotten to them. It's really pouring out there today. O.O Almost ready to get started on this SL project, which shouldn't be too hard..I imagine.

6:41 p.m. Not much happened today. Worked on my SL project until around 4 p.m. and got quite a bit done there. Then watched Stranger Things with Dad and Anna once they got home (though they didn't watch the whole thing.) to back to my alone time, chilling in my room. Interested in returning to this project as well, which is turning out pretty decent.

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