Sunday, June 30, 2019

:D Dream Come True?

6:05 p.m. Remember in that post from two days ago, where I mentioned I had a dream where I found that McDonalds barbie I wanted for my collection in a thrift store? Well, praise the Lord, today I found it at the flea market. Bought it. Soooo happy!!

It was in a bag of toys and I only had enough for a choice between that (which also came with a bonus McDonalds Barbie) and another one that had a birthday themed one. Easy choice. The one from the dream I've been wanting. If the birthday one's still there when I go again though, I'm definitely interested in snagging that one as well.

I also got yet another naked disney doll with matted hair, for 25 cents, and a cute little scrunch skirt that I cut up to make a beautiful dress and removable sleeves.

I also fixed the doll hair into a high bun with both fabric softener and hair spray. Trimmed off some matted ends.

It still has some markings on it, but no biggie.

She also has a little cross 'brooch.' It's actually one of those charms that goes to a charm bracelet. Anna found it last week and gave it to me, but nobody knows where it came from or who it belonged to.

I also got a cute faux leather purse for a quarter. Nuff said there.

Also! this ADORABLE Cinderella figurine for 50 cents, wearing only my favorite disney dress of all time. :P The pink dress. <3 I don't know why I love it so much, I just do.

I enjoyed my church session this morning, as usual, and Anna made a lovely breakfast.

I finished up my cookies and tea gacha that's been sitting all week (aside from some bump and spec maps) which I want to deal with after a break.

Hoping the girls are coming over on Saturday.

Honorable Flea Market Mention: I think this NBC jacket is so cute!!
Anna's making ribs. It's been a lovey quiet Saturday. Dad got me a new bike tire (thank and praise the Lord) and got that set up for me. So now I can bike ride again at my leisure, God willing. Just hope next time I don't come across the same incident as before, eh?

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