Saturday, June 15, 2019

Concert Tomorrow~!!

5:00 p.m. I'm a rush so..
  • Yesterday we didn't go to the Career center. They never returned my calls. Dad and I have given up for now.
  • Finished the manor.
  • Finished decor.
  • Put the manor up for sale and need to put the decor up for sale.
  • Going to Mom's tonight. First, we're going out to a family dinner at Rick's on the River.
  • Excited more than words can describe about the concert. I got a digital camera, a camcorder, and two smart phones. Space available or not, I'm fully intending recording this soon-to-be precious memory.
Praying there won't be any issues with our tickets upon arriving though never know what happens. Egads.

Dreamt Tyjo and Josh were working a fast food joint. My turn came in line and I told them I was going to their concert. Josh Dunn picked me up and spun me with joy..weird. Tyler just ignored I was there. XD He was so chill and just paying attention to his computer.

I gotta goooo!!!!

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