Saturday, June 29, 2019

Co-Op Day

6:25 a.m. Today is the day I go do the co-op. :) Four hours working in the 90-something degree heat BUT at least they'll have a tent set up. I was fortunate to make it on the list, the 18th on a max list of 18, thanks to Anna reminding me to hurry up and go post my name when she caught it..and I didn't.

Because I was designing skyboxes again...which are not finished, only because they are missing maps I need and I'm waiting on an answer from the creator in order to get them and finish my project.

Speaking of finished projects, I finally, after days of them sitting there, finished designing my cookie meshes. The last ones took, what felt like, merely minutes, to finish their textures and boom! Done. Now I get to design a teapot and cups set to go with it once it's done. :P

I also went fishing for the first time in a long time on Secondlife, which was fun, meanwhile watching youtube videos on tv. Took the dogs on a nice afternoon walk. Normal day.

I dreamt of getting ready for this co-op thing, to the point that I was just going about my business, chatting to both them and in my head, as I normally would. At one point, thinking to myself, about how I'm 30 and that's more than enough time to have kids, God willing He gives me one of those long lives.

And I dreamt I was in bed and Anna was coming down the hall to wake me up. I shouted, though I didn't open my mouth, "I'm up! I just need some salon-pas!" Which is funny, cause I find that product name catchy, but I have no idea what it is..I don't think.

So I slept in until 5:30 a.m. ish..haha..sleeping 'in.' (We have to be out of here by 8) And I got a good shower in and planned on wearing this black linen dress, which I dreamed of putting on for the co-op this morning, until I realized (while great for hot weather) not so much for helping set up things. So I got on some funky patterned pants, black tank, a woven tank top over it.

This morning, I've been listening to my 'Morning Playlist' on my iPod, featuring:
"Before You Start Your Day" by twentyonepilots.
"Taxi Cab" by twentyonepilots
"Addict with a Pen" by twentyonepilots
"Take Me Away" by Globus
"Holding Onto You" by twentyonepilots
"Show Her a Little Swing" by AronChupa

I used to listen to it to help get myself going in the mornings in the month before I moved out. So it was nice to have another morning with those song again, some more than once.

It's a nice quiet morning. I'm hungry, but kinda resistant due to IF. While I stopped eating around 7ish, around 8ish I was still drinking flavored sparkling water, which has sugar syrups in it and that kept my insulin up. I think too much. I worry too much. I know. lol.

This family 'really' likes to eat refined carbs at dinner, I've found, and it does feel a bit guilty to turn down meals. Especially for a weird diet, which just happens to work for me.

So! I figure my solution is to simply watch out for my carbs are breakfast and get my carbs in at dinner and everyone's a winner...especially since most mornings I'm making my own breakfast. :P

But I don't know if Anna's making breakfast or will insist I eat before we go, or what, but typically if I eat around 8 in these cases, I won't want to eat until around 11 or noonish..preferably. Get a full 16 hours in, but at least 12 hours minimum works for me. And is more reasonable.

I'm overthinking. :P I'm also strange in my ways. I should just eat my eggs (It still counts) go cheeseless and meatless (processed meats have added sugar) and be happy. :)

EDIT: I wore my iPod on my necklace and it seems in the process, some photos were accidentally taken. xD How amusing.

I had an interesting time at the co-op. It went well. The day went by a bit fast and my feet hurt afterwards..a lot. There was a LOT of fruits and veggies to take home.

We got that put away, I froze some. Made french fries with Anna's help. Froze those. And that was the day. :D For the most part.

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