Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Casual Start To The Day.

10:33 a.m. I slept well and had various sorts of dreams. Today is flowing as normal so far. Had breakfast, washed my dishes from last night, and got caught up on notifications.

Last night, I got to chat up April and Rob over Discord and catch up on what we're doing in our lives...wll, Rob more than April. April was pretty quiet.

I made a couple peasant shirts on Secondlife. I 'intended' at first for it to be a full perm thing...but my GIMP program (because I refuse to upgrade, so far, from version 2.6 because I don't like the later versions) *deep breath* froze on me. As it often does. And I didn't properly save the PSD in time.

So I'll need to take the time to get the appliers set up, and then sell on Secondlife. :) Cute shirts, though. I was very pleased with how they came out. Maybe I should share them, later. lol.

Dad messaged me saying he needs to make sure I get my appointment for job training set up for Friday. I told him I think I need a phone to do that...maybe he'll have to leave me his phone tomorrow and we can get that going. I'd like to get the productivity train rolling, much as anyone.

I want to make my bed right now, but Tigger, their dog, decided to come in and sleep on my floor. And I need to be able to dump all my blankets and pillows on the floor...but I guess that'll have to wait. *shrug*

I think I want to try visiting somewhere different today..maybe Thonotosassa Park (IF I like what I see on Google Earth) or something. I mentioned I'd like to bike to MOSI at dinner last night. I was pretty nervous to mention it, as I don't know how far yet is too far for them to be comfortable, but they seemed okay with the idea. :)

3:35 p.m. Today has been a very normal, very quiet today. Routine went as per usual. Dogs walked. Decided not to ride my bike today. The weather has been shifty, which is actually a good thing cause we need water after all this extreme heat. And honestly couldn't decide where I wanted to go. Can't believe it's only been five hours since I last wrote. :P

I tried to read one of the new books, 'Uglies' but from the first few pages I just wasn't feeling it. :/

Started a new section of my German lessons, after learning the previous one for 'months.' It was hard, ok? Lol.

I got my new SL item prepared and uploaded, the one I mentioned earlier. That went smoother than expected as well considering how long it's been since I actually 'made' appliers. (Secondlife jargin) The editorial photos below almost remind me of a magazine cover, which is honestly awesome.

Praise and thank the Lord for another day to live in Him, right?

Personal reminder: If I'm heading back to the Big Top Flea Market this weekend, namely to hunt for more of my 90's McD Happy Meal Barbies, I should probably take a picture of what's already in my collection to save me from buying duplicates. lol.

By the way, my favorite bonus to biking out there myself is I can just take all the time I want (at least until closing) and not feel subsciously rushed by anyone but myself. ^_^ God is good and able, bruh.

6:33 p.m. The day is going by too fast. THREE hours? Really? Haven't done much but lounged about. Anna is cooking dinner. Dad's in his shop in the back. I'm just streaming on the tv.

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