Thursday, June 20, 2019

Broken Things.

4:58 p.m. A lot of small things have been going wrong lately in a very short period of time:

  • My Youtube playlist is glitched. i.e. I click a video and it just goes through the whole list until it reaches the bottom. -_- Non-playlist videos play, however.
  • The washer is BROKEN. As in, it won't turn on. I still have my white fur rug, stained by now with blue detergent that's not being rinsed off, until Dad can fix it. As well as a growing pile of dirty clothes.
  • If my computer experiences a hard shutdown, whether by me or the electricity, my mouse and/or keyboard will stop working and require a new usb port to continue.
  • GIMP froze on me today...a lot. -_- Sometimes I've saved a PSD in time, sometimes I didn't.
  • My fan randomly broke last night. Literally..randomly. It wasn't doing anything it doesn't normally do. Some plastic piece broke off on the inside and won't re-attach. So my standing fan is a bust. 
  • I keep getting spam/bot/strange number calls on my phone all throughout the day.
  • My google chrome browser and/or my wifi is iffy when it comes to my desktop, whereas on other devices it can work fine.
  • Stressing myself out continuously over this Career Center kerfuffle and longing for it to be over so I can hop on the job/food stamp track. Somewhere along the way, I seem to have lost that peaceful state I was keeping up so well in the last month at the house. It does have to do with changes, which is always hard for me.
Anyway! What else is new?

Jen's moving to New York. Good for her. <3 I'll miss the kids as well as her, certainly.

Been making quite a few gachas the past couple days. A LOT today and needed to give myself a break. Funny enough, it happened AFTER I decided to delete those empty gacha machines that were waiting to be filled for months. But now, for now, I seem to be back at it.

Tasks are being completed out of order, but completed it seems, nonetheless.

I keep pondering the idea of getting theme park passes but I have this funny feeling like, there's some chance, that as soon as I get them, a job opportunity is suddenly gonna swing my way (as things sometimes can arrive at seemingly inopportune moments.) and then I won't really have so much time to go. xD That, and Dad and Anna like having me on call here to take care of a few household responsibilities. And I need to save for Ohio more. So..yeah. Lol.

Finished the Kingdom Hearts series. Yesterday, I think. And it's still confusing. :P

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