Monday, June 3, 2019

Brand New Productive Monday.

11:23 a.m. It's Monday. And though I felt like I 'slept in' I actually woke up around 9:30 a.m. The morning routine is going as usual, even if certain tasks were performed out of order.

I made use of my new marker boards and set up one for daily task streak tracking, one to track stuff I want/need, and to track my biking goals. Six boards total..and counting...possibly.

I really enjoy being this organized and look forward to implementing this stuff. Not mention, the marker boards save a lot of thumbtack walls (I use double sided tape instead, when it can stay up) and save a lot of paper when it comes to a task being completed or needing changed/removed completely. I enjoy it immensely.

At the moment, sitting on my newly made bed and listening to old twentyonepilots songs as I write this. Namely, the song 'Prove Me Wrong.'

So now that this task is done, blogging, there's not a whole ton of other things to say of yet. Except God bless you who reads this and hope your day goes easier than mine. :P

12:30 p.m. Had a nice breakfast, did my german lessons, and gt the laundry going. Now planning a route for a nice 2 mile (4 mile round-trip bike ride.) My Grandma's old church is there (the one I even imagine myself getting married in someday) the one I started visiting now and then in my early teen years. It's also where most of the funerals/wedding stuff gets held by people on my Mom's side of the family.

My typical method is to virtual travel there by google maps first before going out, to get a general idea. Feels safer that way. Then I screenshot directions and landmarks to get there and back. We'll see how this goes *shrug* It's the first place listed on my bike travel list (at least, the one listed in order from shortest distance to the longest.)

1:48 p.m. Got four miles in round trip on my bike. And wadd'ya know, it only took a little under an hour 92 degree heat and 50% humidity. That's..some heavy hitting heat to be waiting in. And a small portion of that was spent at the cross light on the way back. At a heavy intersection. Took so long I kept thinking the thing was broken. I. was. baking. in. the. heat. 

Finally, I just waited until it was clear, (yes, I jaywalked, God forgive me) and the thing turned to the walking symbol as I nearly reached the other side! Um..great timing! -_- Wasn't smart, I know. I lack patience and it's a skill I need to work on.

I've sweated out my change of clothes. I need a shower. I 'still' need to walk the dogs and get some lunch. But at least the productivity train is rolling. It's not easy, but I 'greatly' prefer it to an entire day on the couch in front of a tv. Hot as it is, I 'really' like getting out there and being active in life.

P.S. For me, four miles round trip is just a starting point. My most comfortable distance to go while still feeling like I'm challenging myself. Comparatively, back when I was biking regularly, I was making six miles round-trip, plus the extra hour or two of light to medium cardio. So yeah, this is a nice easy start and I hope it continues...while I can.

I don't know what my schedule will be like if/when, God willing, job training gets going.

3:05 p.m. Had lunch and some other tasks done. Now it's about time to walk the dog. o.O

5:09 p.m. Had lunch, chilled, and then went up to the store to get popcorn. Good times.

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