Friday, May 31, 2019

What To Do...?

10:31 a.m. Thankfully, Dad was awake in the midnight hours last night and turned my computer on, and I had to explain the weird reason I keep it on when I leave is so I can control it with Remote Desktop, to do things such as DMK.

Slow and quiet...easy...morning. Even with kids running about. Harmony on Youtube in Mom's room. Scarlet is awake and scurrying around as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse plays. And Vickie's grandson is chilling, I think somewhere in the kitchen.

Mom and I also enjoyed omelettes this morning. :) Well..she did. I turned up the stove too high by accident and wound up with scrambled eggs, cause it's hard to flip when the eggs are sticking. That'll teach me for using so little butter.

I need to know how to rest better, to be honest. In the sense of me constantly 'needing' something to do or work on.

I'm very tempted to write a new story...again...and I don't know what about or where exactly to start. Preferably a fairy tale. It's hard to watch a movie, show, even a reality show, or read a book and not think about writing a character or some other hypothetical story I've cooked up in my head. Hm... I decided to blog instead. Cause I like blogging. :) God bless you. Jesus loves, lives, saves.

Until next time...

12:08 p.m. Wrote about 800-something words. I don't want to share more until I know whether or not I'm sticking with this. lol.

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