Thursday, May 9, 2019

Another Beautiful Day

10:40 a.m. Day just started for me. so I got some interesting dreams to cover.

I dreamt Rob, April, and I broke into Donald Trump's house and we hacked his computer in some very small office, lol. At some point, later on, I kept worrying someone was gonna come home. So I told them I was leaving, and I did.

And I was spotted by some brunette woman lying down behind a curtained window, but she didn't chase me.

So I started basically coasting/flying through this palatial mansion, which was now crowded with party-goers, and I was quickly realizing that the mansion was 'so' had some many wings..I was gonna have a LOT of trouble finding the exit.

So I flew around some more among the party-goers, who didn't seem to notice me, and I soon realized this wasn't a mansion at all. It was a the size of a cruise ship. And we were already quite a ways out in the water.

Somehow, I turned myself into some kind of ghost, and some kids got really scared. To the point that rescuers showed up on jet skis to take them back to land. So, as they swam to the jet skis, I was among them and tagged along. They didn't really notice me.

And THEN after I reached land, I basically arrived at this mini-mall, like a tourist thingie.

There were crowds, and Todd Chrisley was there and eagerly waiting to catch me in the act.

I could literally hear his thoughts like a voice over bragging about how I won't be able to avoid him at the entrance.

So I diverted my path.

He casually followed, acting like he didn't know what he knew I had done. And then as we were walking, at some point I started to make conversation.

I pointed out, and complimented, his line of wedding cakes as we passed some. I can't remember 'exactly' what he said, but it was something along the lines about them not being his best.

He would've continued following me, except his attention was diverted to a nearby room, where he immediately became aghast at some people sitting around a table...with cake slices on small plates.

I took the time to get away...physically..but I could still see the scene going on in there.

He was pointing out how sloppily the frosting was done, and proceeded to complain to the people at the table, who were the cake decorators. This didn't represent his company well.

And that's the end of that dream.

I had a separate one where I met Jonathan Rhys Meyers (I know. What's up with all the celebrity dreams, today?) and anyway, he tried to take my picture.

I tried to get into a nice pose leaning up against something, with like one hand behind my head. And meanwhile he and a small group, and I think April,  were all trying to get a picture at one time.

But I couldn't figure out where I was supposed to look, and when I asked, nobody answered me.

At the same time, I was feeling self conscious about my body, though in the end result of the pictures I looked far skinnier than in my real life self. Eh.

And there was some other part of the dream where I was scaling tree branches outside this nice house, bamboo branches, specifically, kinda like a monkey. And I was just casually, calmly, conversating with JRM as he started to do the same. He was wearing a light colored, casual suit, by the way.

I noted how some of the branches were pretty waxy, like the store-bought bamboo, while others were more natural. Some really thin, yet able to support my weight.

Yeah. Lot of dreams to cover, I guess. lol.

Nothing new or exciting this morning outside of that, just routine. Outside of that, I hope to get the skirts I made last night put up for sale and maybe make yet another new product. Who knows?

12:15 p.m. I got my yoga in. Though for the first 15 minutes or so I was pausing every five minutes cause hamburgers were cooking. But I finished both. And by the time the burgers were done, I realized April was no longer here to enjoy hers. Probably had errands to do..or something. *shrug*

Now that yoga's out of the way, though, 'I' get to eat. I usually eat, then yogay, but today's gone a little out of order..which is okay. Cause the tasks are still getting done, ofc. God bless and Jesus loves, lives, saves. See ya later!

2:11 p.m. It took an hour, but the skirt is now packed and up for sale. Praise and thank the Lord! I did eat my hamburgers first. I've got laundry to fold today as well...and have a new project in mind...

I 'don't' know if I have the model to test it with..but I'm feeling very up to this challenge. It actually seems somehow less complex to me than it looks...for the moment. O.O

5:08 p.m. Almost three hours later, including the time it took for me to hunt down an idea dress mesh/model to use and texture. Annndddd we're done. I still gotta make the ad and put it up for sale, but obviously I need a serius break after all that detailing. *.* So much tiny details. That God for the clone tool on GIMP. Makes it soo much easier.

5:48 p.m. Took a break. Relaxed. Put my clean clothes. Then got that dress up for sale. The sooner, the better. :) Gotta work towards them goals, man. :P

6:33 p.m. Chatted with April outside for a bit. Came in to find a tiny frog. Caught it with a bowl and sent April to catch it, who lost it in her room. Then found and caught it. Praise and thank the Lord. <3

6:36 p.m. April managed to snag a picture seconds before it disappeared outside. Such a tiny thing.

6:58 p.m. Hung outside with April some more, but the mosquitoes are coming out. :/

9:10 p.m. Got groceries at the dollar store and burger king with April. I got nuggets at BK, and a Twix pie which I am freezing in my freezer..cause I like frozen pie and chocolate.

SPEAKING OF chocolates, I got a few 30 cent discounted Easter chocolate packs, which are also freezing right now. AND speaking of nuggets, I got frozen chicken nuggets. I could only spare for one pack, but April kindly helped me out for the second. Blessed in Jesus name, huzzah! Happy night. :)

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