Monday, May 20, 2019

Settling In: A Summary

  • Went grocery shopping with Anna and got a LOT of healthy fruits and veggies. 
  • Last night, I made my meal plan food for the week. We had a BIG steak dinner and they watched the American Idol finale they've been following.
  • Also, watched a lot of 'Story of God' on Netflix and got a good leisurely rest in.
  • Got the Marilyn Monroe picture, the big one, above my desktop and a TV and stand set up in my room..with the VCR where I watched Beauty and the Beast.
  • Been watching the Hyperion Theater version of Aladdin on Youtube, like, a lot. <3 The genie is hilarious.
  • Eating kinda healthier these days.
  • Got Chromecast set up to stream things both in the living room and my bedroom, but only one of those at a time.
  • Went job hunting today, but no one was hiring. Good to know I'm not too far from stores, though. Learned there's a Big Top Flea Market in walking distance which pretty much makes my Saturdays around here. Plenty of fun opportunity for exercise.
  • Thrift store found, praise and thank God, my class ring. April got it back. She plans to mail it to me, but it'll have to be after Thursday when she has money. Today is Monday.
  • Kinda randomly decided to watch the Kingdom Hearts entire storyline on Youtube. That could take some time.
That's the gist of it.

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