Thursday, May 30, 2019


11:42 a.m. So yesterday, I biked up to the Dollar tree and bought several mini dry erase boards, markers, and some girl princess stickers to go on them, lol.

As I used to, I set up my daily task/goal list. My long term goal list. As well as a tracker for my Ohio fund, which has since been depleted (mostly to pay for this stuff) so I get to restart.

And today is the day I started following it. Although, it's been going kind of slow.

I found out that my denial for food stamps was because I have a strike on me from career source, so even if they wanted to give me them, they can't, until I get that strike removed. 

So a few more phone calls as well as IMing back and forth with Anna about her availability, led to me trying to arrange to attend orientation with this place, and then, God willing, can do job training/placement. And then, God willing, FOOD STAMPS and a much-needed resolution to this whole kerfuffle. Oi.

I'm one of those adults who don't like calling call centers and such. It's an anxiety I must face and endure however, if I'm ever gonna get over it. All part of being an adult.

And I don't mind working. I'll welcome it, even. It'll be very helpful and beneficial at this stage in my life.

Just hope my relationship to superiors goes over in a way that doesn't leave me sobbing in some bathroom stall. I still have trouble dealing with that feeling when I'm doing my best, and someone tells me it's still not good enough. Ugh. Biggest obstacle. Just thinking about that makes me want to cry..

..anyway..moving on. 

Job. Food stamps. Ohio savings get going. Maybe even much-needed therapy. Then, hopefully, I'm settled where I need to be in a happy and productive adulthood and contributing to society. :P In Jesus name. amen, whatever He's got planned. Ya know?

Anyway, I'm glad it's only taken a couple weeks for me to try and get my productivity back on track. And hope to see things improve even further. 

Last night, I made a BUNCH of disney-color schemed dresses on SL. I had them up for sale for a hot minute, until my brain concluded that it was copyright/trademark infringement and I proceeded to take them down. I'm not risking it. :P It was still fun and pretty to make, though. 

Aside from the usual Kingdom Hearts marathons, I just watered the plants, walked the dog yesterday, that's about all I want to say. God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves. All glory, praise, thanks, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen! God is able!

3:28 p.m. So nothing very interesting has gone on much today, except for just now.

I surfed google maps, now that my bike is fixed, for places that would be of interest for me to travel on my bike.

The top ones being (and NOT calculated round-trip):

  • Brandon Mall (We know how much I love a mall and have wanted to go here on my own for a long time now) (49 minutes; 9.9 miles) A real challenge to be sure, yet still my top contender of places I want to spend my day.
  • Thonotosassa Library (16 minutes; 3 miles) 
  • Busch Gardens (If I have like a hundred bucks) (29 minutes; 5.4 miles)
  • Adventure Island (hundred bucks) (34 minutes; 6.3 miles)
  • MOSI (fourty bucks) (4.7 miles; 26 minutes)
  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (4.9 miles; 25 minutes)
  • Wal-Mart (8.9 miles; 49 minutes) Not a 'huge' contender for the distance, but I still like window shopping there.
  • University Mall (6.8 miles; 35 minutes)
  • Terrace Palms Community Church (12 min; 2.1 miles)
  • EDIT: It's a 'way' bit of a stretch but... (Let's call it 'advanced' level) Florida Aquarium (About 40 bucks admission) (1 hr and 7 min; 12.6 miles)
To put this in perspective, for years, the most thereabouts I'd bike is six miles, on a round trip. Which now that I look at this makes things look even more doable.

Back when I lived with Mom, I made pretty frequent trips on my bike to the nearest Wal-mart, which was 6.6 miles (NOT round trip.) Also, I think that's why I was losing weight so easily without really trying? Lol. So yeah...I'm feeling super confident here...even if I am just a little out of shape.

Fun fact. The most I ever did round trip was 30 miles. Round trip. And that was once. In the pouring rain. Talk. About. A. Challenge! :o I'm kinda curious to see what other places I want to check out. Hm....

Definitely want to keep it under the 10-15 mile mark (for non-round trip) just to be safe. :)

P.S. I should've realized living in Tampa had so much more access to stuff than being so far away from everything in Fort Meade. *.*

5:14 p.m. So! Sudden change in plans. Mom IMed and asked if I would watch Harmony this weekend and she agreed so..I'm going back over there. Feels like I only just left! lol. That's okay. I'll have to re-reacclimate by the time I come back, I imagine, God willing..but that's okay.

Also, plan on ordering the list of places above. Perhaps working my way up from shortest to longest distance (to the free places, at least.) That way I don't burn out in a rush to get to Brandon Mall after not having all 'that' much biking experience since then. Phew! God is able! In Jesus name, amen!

12:16 a.m. At Mom's. Harmony and Aaliyah will be living here now for undisclosed reasons. :) Just watching Harmony for tomorrow. I may or may not be staying for the weekend.

I normally pass the time controlling my computer via remote desktop but...someone, or something, turned my desktop off. :( Ah, well. I messaged Dad and Anna to turn it back on, like, tomorrow, when they wake up.

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