Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Moving Out Tomorrow

5:21 p.m. It's been a whirlwind couple of days. We got more than enough boxes. A lot of drama has ensued between April and Rick. And to try and make a VERY long story short, I'm moving out tomorrow.

Tonight, is my last night here, with April. My last night with her, before I expect to part with her for an unknown amount of years...

...and I'm moving in with Dad and Anna, who graciously invited me, sparing me from running away to Ohio with very little money/food/and no place to stay on this very short notice.

While there, I expect to get my life on track where it needs to be. I want to go to Ohio, still, but it's just gotta wait until I'm ready.

I'm all packed now. Today is Wednesday. They come tomorrow. Thursday. They don't have internet until Friday. April is supposed to be leaving with an old friend of hers, Tia, on June 1st. Today is May 15th. So she's got a good couple weeks.

By then, all three of us will be moved out of this house. And Rob is expected to come and take care of/grab whatever's left behind.

Today, I sorted through stuff in the shed that's been in there for a few years. Very few spiders, a lot of dust, and a lot of old high school art I didn't care to keep anymore went in the trash. I did save a few dear to me, though.

Helped April take scrap metal to the scrap yard. She got ten dollars for over a surprising, 200 pounds, of scrap. Also, the scrap yard is very eclectically interesting, in my opinion.

April sold me her digital camera (which I've always loved these past years with her) for twenty. So I still get to take that to the concert like I far. :) Yes, in this day and age, I still like digital cameras. I'm also happy I can still make the concert.

I also kept snagging free candy in the reception area at the scrap yard.

We, then, drove out to Mom's house. The puppy, I think, is with Jen. So I didn't get to show April, but she did get to meet Scarlet. Mom's out of state. We went there to pick up this huge Marilyn Monroe framed picture (cause it was on the way) that I got this past Christmas. It couldn't fit in the back of Mom's car, so a truck was needed.

Photo taken with the aforementioned digital camera. <3

And then we came home. Started thinking about, 'This is the last time I'll do this..or that...' over seemingly mundane things like picking up fast food trash from the floorboard.

I played DMK.

It's my last night to hang out with April.

OH! And she gave me (with Rob's permission) Rob's giant stuffed teddy bear, which she's been sleeping with and kindly requests to sleep with tonight as a comfort, and I'll have to remember to get it tomorrow. :) Cause Anna said she's coming 'early.' I don't know how early. She said she had an appointment or something.

Ideally, we plan to get me on social security or some form of income, and I hope to continue to take part in my therapy appointments to help with that. If Anna's willing to maybe to drive out to Lakeland once every one or two month's or so.

It's been so hot today that I've outsweated my clothes twice now.

I'm glad I blogged this...cause I wasn't sure if I would.

I did 'out' to my family about my desire to move to Ohio last night, and was met with a lot of blessed and surprising support. Again, it'll have to wait until I'm more financially stable. Thanking and praising God in Jesus name, amen! God is able! He has a plan.

P.S. I've been taking sweet pictures and videos of the cats as it will be the last time I see them, as well. It's still looking kind of 'up in the air' as to what happens with them.


6:32 p.m. Update. I got pictures of the pets now, all of them. Ophelia, our neighbor, is moving into this house and even came in to get a little tour. <3 She plans to feed and take care of them, herself, which is one less worry any of us need to have.

I asked Dad if his dogs got along with others [so maybe I could take JJ, who's snuggling my foot right now] He said no. So, that's a thing. I tried. :P Ah, well.

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