Friday, May 3, 2019

Keeping It Up.

6:56 a.m. So things got bad at one point, mentally, last night and this morning. Really kinda felt under attack and tried really hard to stick with my changes, with my peace. With my positivity. By the time I'd gotten out of bed officially, I'm happy to say it worked. Prayer and meditation were satisfactory and I got myself back to a happy peaceful state.

Bonus fact: My weight is looking healthier everyday AND I can maintain a straight posture during my squats! :D I'm so happy and humbled to get to this point, and hope as the days go on I can improve even further in every aspect of my life.

P.S. I LOVE Yoga with Adrienne and like many, feel very blessed to have found her channel. I love yoga. ^_^ It's a real workout, stretch, and it's also a great time for prayer. I'm also a big fan of stretching out my back and core. They're my favorite areas to work on.

I'm up much earlier than usual. Usually, I'm waking up around 10 a.m. or so, but today was more like 6-ish. I woke up quite a few times during the night. Being up at this hours means that if I get through my goals today, that may leave a lot more time open than usual. Lol. How will we pass the time....?

Looking forward to a healthy breakfast this morning. NOT to complain, but April didn't get any chicken this week. We probably couldn't afford it. So no chicken and eggs to start my day. :P

My money is already in the Ohio moving fund, and I'm not dipping. And the only other meat-protein source is an overly...way overly...processed frozen hamburger patty.

BUT we do have healthy foods like bananas and grapes. Shelled peanuts. And eggs. So I can still get both my protein and health on pre-workout again, and be very content. :) I might miss chicken a little...quite a little bit...but as usual, I'll be okay. And there's still leftover pasta as well I need to finish off. :P

Praise and thank the Lord, in Jesus name, amen! God is abundant and able to do above all we ask or think!

8:14 a.m. Breakfast and yoga done. Ab workout. I felt a burn, believe me. But at one point I also sat up with a new and massive headache. So I might've done something wrong here....Oi. It's still a daily goal accomplished, so now I get to get that out of the way happily and move forward with my day. \o/ And hopefully this headache will subside shortly. -_- God willing.

8:25 am. I need sleep. O.O

12:00 p.m. Awake from my long nap, which had lots of dreaming and REM sleep and feeling SOOO much better.

One of the dreams was I was in the standing room section of an outdoor twentyonepilots concert. Tyler passed by and missed shaking my hand. He shook the hand of the dude next to me. Then looked at me and paused.

I gave him a really weird look and looked away.

Then the next thing he did was get this thing that looked like a giant film reel box, with open sides, and took me aside.Then we went around the rim, trying to stuff what looked like this black garbage bag material inside, and some stuff popped out more when we was a whole kerfuffle.

Then he gave it to me and the show continued.

Somehow I wound up in the back later in the dream, losing my place, and no one wanted to let me get my place back. Something like a 'snooze you lose deal' but somehow I forced my way up there to the front, literally though them.

It was night, and music started to play from the sky, almost in the same way it does when I do it awake, in my 'imagination' way. Complex thing. Not gonna explain it. Anyway! So the dream went with a few songs going by like this.

And at one point I caught sight of a note hanging from something in the air and I needed to fly up to catch it. The note was from my self, or subconscious, really, urging me to wake up now cause 'the girls [nieces] were here, and they needed to live. [That is, they needed to live life with me] and so I woke up ' in the dream' and my subconscious apologized to me because the girls weren't actually here. lol.

Can't really recall the rest of my dreams. I think there was one point where I was scouting for my nosebleed seats from the ground in an arena, but that's it.

Rob and Dawn arrived just now for a brief moment to say hi and give something April.

3:58 p.m. Watched the first half of Wolf Creek, the only part of the movie I really like. Ran my social meter low chatting up two people, whilst hanging out with April who tried to make a tasty food that included squash. It included a lot of cheese.

Oh! Yesterday I got chased by a bee! I was walking ACCIDENTALLY swatted my hand, and it grazed it, and then the thing chased me out of the woods for my life. Egads!

Not fun, but still kinda interesting. I was worried he'd call his swarm and get all of them vengeance on me for the accidental swat. Good thing it did not. O.O

7:12 p.m. Several hours later and I finally squeezed out a new SL creation for the first time, in like, a month! Bonus is it got speed-drawn and uploaded to Insta yet. I haven't put it up for sale yet, however, because frankly, I'm tired. -_-


8:09 p.m. Processed hamburgers and excessively refined carbs for dinner. :P So much for the ab workout today, lol. Thankful, nonetheless. Full. In Jesus name. Now, just spending my evening hours hanging out with April. Who else? :)

10:01 p.m. Just moved back to my space. Got chocolate rice krispies cause I'm in a chocolate mood. O.O Um...what diet?

11:14 p.m. In an extremely good mood right now, cause without realizing it I downloaded one of my favorite silent films. :D Now, I recognized the title..but I didn't know 'said' title belonged to this certain silent movie I thought I wouldn't see ever again...BECAUSE I'd forgotten the title and now that I got's on my iPod. I can barely wait to watch it. BUT I need some hygiene done, seriously. First. Still. Excited.

It's called 'The Circle' by the way. I feel like such a nerd right now. What 30-year old has favorite movies that are silent films?! Lol. P.S. Was planning to post a trailer, but apparently the whole movie is available. If you're curious, enjoy. <3 I certainly can't wait to.

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