Sunday, May 5, 2019

Keeping It Brief.

  • Slept well.
  • Lovely FIVE14 service and praying with new friends. 
  • Skipped yoga. Took a day off. It's Sunday. :) Rest day, and that goes for my sore muscles, too. :)
  • FINALLY found a free copy of 'Torrent' online, (that took a whole week to find, as it turns out) and it was in that beautiful internet archive I talked about of all places. It's since been downloaded to my computer with success. Praise and Thank the Lord.
That leaves "La Boheme" starring Lillian Gish, left to be found. "The Unknown" starring Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford. And another new one that I remembered, called, "Exit Smiling." 

Also, R.I.P. Robert Osborne. I didn't even know he'd passed in 2017 until last night. Pleasant memories of 'Silent Sunday Nights' on TCM with that dude.

I don't recall scenes from that Exit Smiling, by the way, but the title jumped out at me for sure cause I can clearly remember it. None are available for free, that I far. *shrug* The list of old favorite silents I want grows ever smaller, though. :)
  • Tried out a realistic game that lets me tour the Titanic. That almost felt like taking a step back in time. :o
  • Downloaded a bunch more silent films, off of Youtube. I'm up to 11 GB worth of those now. O.O 
I want to find some silent film scores to add to the ones I already have that come with literally no sound. I mean..I know it's silent films..but some at least have background music. :P
  • Basically hung out with April in her room all day.

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