Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Home and Acclimating!

  • Mostly just hung out at Mom's. Her and I didn't really go anywhere with her, which is fine. We hung out with Scarlet and watched Lifetime movies about 'girls night' gone wrong, basically. It was the general theme of most of them.
  • Got my class ring back, safe and sound! Praise and thank the Lord for that miracle. IT's in a ring box rn with my 'dream ring' I got on my Cozumel cruise months back.
  • Saw (regrettably) John Wick 3, and, excitedly, Infinity War: Endgame. (IMO, I liked Endgame, but liked Infinity War better.) Went with DJ to the movies with Maranda and his kids. Mom gave him money so I could get junk food. We 'were' going to see Aladdin, but it sold out by the time we got there, so DJ wanted to see John Wick. Egads. We were there until well past midnight and thankfully, Mom was up to answer the locked door. (She also, kindly, babysat Zoey while we were gone.)
  • I got the PS3 set up yesterday, though Dad had to clear some space if I wanted to run my Assassin's Creed game. He took off what he could. If only the seemingly endless messages for updates didn't bloat the thing. -_- Still, playable, at the moment.
  • Been getting a little more productive with each day. More tasks getting done instead of lounging about all day, doing next to nothing. 
  • Although, sleep has kinda been an issue. I still go to bed near midnight hours and wake every few hours, and then find myself so tired by like, 8 a.m. that I sleep until around 11-12. 
  • Rob announced he's taking the cats, so praise and thank God, that means no animal shelter for them! :D Best news I got all day.
  • April's got a small 'me' pile of stuff she's found while packing up. Due to private circumstances, she's not leaving the state June 1st as planned. Instead, she's moving in with her stepdad. And I asked her to just take the pile with her and at some point, I want to try to have either Mom or Jen go pick it up. O.O
  • Dad wants me to appeal the food stamp case, so that'll have to be taken care of tomorrow. I think he's gonna leave me his phone.]
  • Made a new full perm template, and selling it for an easy 5 lindens. :) Yesterday, I was remembering how much I kinda missed regularly 'fishing' on Secondlife for fun. I guess these days, it comes off kinda tedious lol.
  • For some reason, I have the Free Willy musical score stuck in my head, right now. lol.
  • Eagerly awaiting Saturday to go see if I can get some pocket change for selling off those games at the Big Top Flea Market to a game dealer booth I saw there.
  • Need to add 'Updating Blurb' to my to-do list.

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