Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Secondlife Spree.

10:41 a.m. Morning went smoothly. I forgot most of my dreams, although for my case, I think that's actually a really good thing. I know they all weren't so pleasant.

I went to bed at a decent hour last night, and woke up around 7ish, then 9 ish. Only to wake up to a message April sent around midnight inviting me to hang out..and her realizing I was asleep. So she went to bed, too.

And now she's making boiled peanuts in a crockpot, which she said should be ready around noon. So that should be nice and tasty. Definitely a healthy and plentiful food choice right now. :)

I got my blog entry updated from yesterday, since I kept myself so occupied.

I gotta be honest about something, today. I like Secondlife. And it's practically my only source of income, even small though it is, not to complain about that part. And I mean, it's 'amazing' to be able to sell what I consider to be my works of art. But I have my own personal issues regarding it.

  • I get way absorbed in the creating process. 
Which leads me to neglect more important things. (I'm hoping to work on it.) My social life drastically decreases. I pray here and there throughout, but there could be more of a God life in it, too. If I just worked on it.

  • Hand pain...if I work too long.
Like last night. Egads.
  • I consider it a personality trait at this point that if I'm 'really' set on a task, I insist on sitting there until it's finished. All in one sitting. And these things can take anywhere from 1 to even 5 hours or more, if I let it.
That's also why I end up limiting the social life, cause I want very little interference when it comes to the project, so I can be focused and get it done. All in all, it comes off selfish to me. Way not proud of it.

  • The other parts of the site aren't exactly kosher. Like, some of it gets pretty x-rated. Egads. And that's the part I prefer to 'avoid.' And sometimes when I'm looking for new meshes to texture, I come across it too often. Like, it wouldn't hurt to have more modest designs open for female avatars, would it? 
I figure if I can keep to my own little space, keep doing my art stuff, and sell things that are inoffensive, I can enjoy Secondlife. And feel happy about things I've sold. 

I even got my own little private space/house to work on things on there, which is actually covered under my store rent, which is a little over a dollar's worth of currency a week.

I feel like I need to get back on the positive track here. The 'pros' if you will.

  • I'm making my own money. Money that I don't have to go beg for others for, (Especially Mom, lol) but can work for on my own, by doing something I love and not a job that makes me feel miserable. Money I can put towards my current goals, such as Ohio savings and blessings. Or even the occasional food stuffs :P
  • I'm selling my own works of art, which is not something I do outside of Secondlife. 
  • It's both fun and solitary. I also enjoy taking something I liked in real life, (namely maybe expensive clothes) and then digitally recreating it by painting it, and then either wearing it..selling it..or both..on my avatar. 
  • Inadvertently studying lighting and folds. Noticing textiles and how they are portrayed better, like linens, rayons, velvets, and silks. (Painting velvet is honestly very difficult without it looking like a mess, in my opinion.) 
  • I've helped others in their own Secondlife businesses (which has been a blessing and gift from God) by giving out free tutorials, advice, and full perm templates etc.

Full perm templates, by the way, are basically textures and PSDs of Secondlife clothes that I sell with 'full permissions.' This means, the person may buy the item (alter it or wear it, if they choose) and they can go resell that item (as long as it's without full permissions) for their own profit. :) In my opinion, it's been the most successful part of my business.

And there was a period where I went a long time without making them and requests started coming in here and there from other creators asking when I was finally gonna come out with new ones. Cause they liked them and it did help them. And I didn't really have a definite answer for them at the time, but am glad after this month's hiatus to be back on it. Praise and thank the Lord.

Even better (and probably my favorite part) is when people say the templates basically taught them how to make their own, so they don't need to buy mine anymore. That's just blessing all around. Thank God for that. :) People are being helped. And that feels good.

So yeah, that made me feel a bit happier. I can sometimes forget the good stuff. I didn't even expect this to be a long entry for the start of the morning but, eh. :P

I'm almost due for my morning German lessons. I keep them brief on the Duolingo app. 

I'm skipping breakfast for the moment, as I'm waiting stomach growled as I said that, haha....WAITING on the boiled peanuts to be ready. Then, I'm due for yoga, which is actually supposed to be a brief 10-12 minute  practice.

I'm VERY much looking forward to packing my Secondlife jacket creations today. BUT I'm determined to get what I need to get done on the rest of my to-do list as well.

God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves. All glory, praise, thanks, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, Amen! God is able!

I've waited for an excuse to use this picture. I don't have one. I'm
using the picture. It amuses me. 
12:05 p.m. German lessons done satisfactorily. Skipping breakfast (aside from some sweet iced tea, I guess) and getting ready fro some yoga.

The plans after? A brief freewriting session, chores, and then finally getting on to packing my jackets made last night and get those up for sale. That's expected to be a long process. :P After that, the day is pretty much free. Anything goes. Praise Jesus.

12:26 p.m. Yoga is done. And I feel a bit breathy. Warm inside. Physically and spiritually. Heart pounding. Feels great. Even if the session was brief.

April left to go run her errands for today and was a little frustrated at her late start. She said she will deal with the boiled peanuts after she comes back. I'm not too worried about it, though.

Next! Freewriting, chores, and then SL stuff. O.O God willing we do okay, today. Oi.

2:08 p.m. Jackets finally packed and up for sale. Praise and thank the Lord. Now I can finally post pictures of them here. lol.

And these are my two 'personal use/non-commercial' editions, which better resemble the reference photo I mentioned in the last entry.


Now what's left on the to-do the top. Hoping to turn the sports bra part into a sports tank. :) In any case, right now I need a creative break. lol. No wonder these took hours to make yesterday. 

3:!2 p.m. Took a nice brief walk, then hung out with the animals a bit. I needed that. 

3:40 p.m. Daily tasks seem to be drawing to a close. And now I'm bored, lol.

6:24 p.m. I had some boiled peanuts and April came a little while later. She also brought chicken nuggets. Lol. Also, I FINISHED the top that goes with the jacket so..that's a thing. Praise and thank the Lord. P.S. Had quite a bit of tea today, lol.

7:47 p.m. Went for a walk with April and sliced my thumb cleaning a cat food can for April. Now my thumb has a bandaid. Ah, life's little unexpected happenings....

9:33 p.m. Okay. One more 'quick' project. Aside from bump and spec maps, and packing, it's pretty much textured and finished. And I liked it so much, I did multiple colors. Here's the inspiration though (the skirt)...

And the end result. Not up for sale...yet...HOPEFULLY tomorrow. God only knows. :)

Also, pretty into the new poster I got set up in my 'virtual' working space. Lol.

I created too much, today. I know. :P It's a phase. It'll pass, though. I tend to go through this period of putting out a bunch of stuff to sell, then quietly disappearing for like, a month, before I get back into it again. This can still help my goals..if it sells...

12:07 a.m. Hung out with April. Ate some extremely salty boiled peanuts. I. Need. Sleep. God bless, Jesus loves, lives saves. Glory, praise, and thanks to him forever, good night! P.S. ITCHY EYEBALLS!

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