Sunday, May 26, 2019

Break From Adulting!

  • Visiting Mom. A much needed break.
  • Dad fixed my bike tire. <3
  • Acceptance for food stamps was accepted, then days later, rejected. I'm supposed to call them back and sort that out.
  • Got Assassins Creed Black Flag for PS3, thanks to Mom, for five bucks, at Big Top Flea Market.
  • Selling X-Box 360 games on Facebook. They were in a box Dad gave me, which he said he'd found on the side of the road. If that doesn't work out, I plan on taking them to the nearby flea market, God willing, and see what I can get/trade for it. :) 
As well as this. $3 for the tag, a dollar per button. I look forward to possible going back for more someday? lol. I don't know:

One button for faith, another for my favorite historical figure, and lastly for my favorite disney character..their ballroom scene tingles my heart. :) Even as an adult.

And she got me a yellow bandito...BANDANA..I meant to type, for the upcoming twentyonepilots concert in a couple weeks.

  • There's a heat wave going on this week. Which is also why we had to leave early. Mom said she was sweating from her forehead, which was a first.
  • On a break even from the Kingdom Hearts lore thing.
  • Got quality time with Scarlet.
  • The dog, too, though she hurt my middle finger and it hurts to type. :/ She does love me, though.
  • Got Youtube working on Mom's Roku TV finally! Had to call DJ for the pin number..which was one I wouldn't have guessed. She liked most of my video choices, but most of them weren't her thing, lol.
  • Rob was concerned about all the recent device sign-ins with using the Netflix, so I had to sort that out. I'm trying to be careful and stay logged in one device at a time, now.

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